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Top 3 Tricep Workouts

Alright, screw it. I’m choosing four tricep workouts. I try my best to narrow this list down every time I share it to my absolute three favorite workouts so that you know the best of the best, but why narrow it down further if I know what I like? I find working biceps super boring.… Continue reading Top 3 Tricep Workouts

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Healthy Weeknight Dinner Ideas #4

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but as you can see from the title, I have done three before because who doesn’t need weeknight dinner ideas. I feel like we all get in a rut sometimes, present party certainly included. It doesn’t help when your cravings are all over the place during… Continue reading Healthy Weeknight Dinner Ideas #4

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Big Bang Theory Themed Workout

Who likes Big Bang Theory?! It’s one of those shows I didn’t think I’d get into, but it really is good. People use the excuse, “it’s too smart for me”… no, it’s really not. It’s a silly sitcom, yes, but when I need something light-hearted to put on, it’s perfect! So as with any show… Continue reading Big Bang Theory Themed Workout

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Chicken Pad Thai | What To Eat Wednesday

Who here loves Thai food?! I have already rambled about my love for Asian food when I shared my Thai Basil Chicken recipe, but I can always talk about it some more. I don’t mind 🙂 Here’s another story for ya. Back in the day my family would always take me out to dinner for my… Continue reading Chicken Pad Thai | What To Eat Wednesday

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Valentine’s Date Makeup Tips

Accentuate lashes & brows to frame your face. A lot of light makeup wearers completely forget brows, but even just a light tinted brow gel can make all the difference! It frames your face in such a beautiful way. Lashes too. Those are important, we all know that. I wouldn’t encourage you to wear false lashes… Continue reading Valentine’s Date Makeup Tips

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Countdown to Baby #2 (Excitement, Preparations, etc.)

Alright, alright. My last baby-related post was super depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still freaking out about Davy not being the only child anymore, this baby being healthy and adjusting to this new life, but we’re also very excited. I’ve gotten a lot done recently to prepare for baby, which is so fun. Yay!… Continue reading Countdown to Baby #2 (Excitement, Preparations, etc.)

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Double Chocolate Crazy Cake | The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Dessert

I wasn’t necessarily planning on sharing this for my Valentine’s Day recipe, but after I made it, I thought, “nope, this is too perfect for the occasion”. It’s rich and decadent and seems super fancy (but isn’t) and chocolate on chocolate on chocolate is just perfect for a romantic date. I am not a chocolate lover… Continue reading Double Chocolate Crazy Cake | The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Dessert