7 Things On My Bucket List

There are so many things that I want and hope to do in my life. I daydream all the time. That’s not to say that my life right now is not amazing, but it is always fun to dream and one thing that I love about my fiance is he is just like me in that we are always moving forward and looking for bigger and better things in life! So, I came up with part of my bucket list. This is definitely a running list and I’m excited to see how it will change and what new things I will add to it in the future. So, without further ado, here are “7 Things On My Bucket List”.

1. Live in Europe for a year. Pick 12 countries and spend a month in each to really immerse myself in the culture.  I got this idea when I spent a month in Spain for study abroad during UD’s winter mini-mester. By the end, my friends and I had a usual spot for tostada con tomates (my fav) every mid-morning and we knew the best spots to go out at night. I didn’t feel like a tourist. I experienced Granada like a local…. okay a month is not enough time to really be a local, but I have so many places I want to visit in Europe that a month each will have to do!

2. Visit every continent. I have this insane obsession with Europe and all of it’s history, so that is where I want to spend most of my time, but I still want to visit other places! Thailand, Australia, Kenya….everywhere. I want to see everything. Or at least a little bit of everything. As much as I can!

3. Get my masters. I was never one of those kids who hated school. I thought it was so much fun (and now I know just how much more fun it is than a full time job) and I actually truly love to learn. I want to be an expert in whatever field I choose.

4. Design and build a home from the ground up. Since I was a kid I have drawn houses. I wanted to be an architect until I learned just how hard that really is and that my sketches of house lay outs did not actually qualify me to be an architect. David basically gutted the inside of our house we live in now and rebuilt it with his dad. For us, being able to design our own home to be exactly what we’ve always imagined would be a dream come true.

5. Compete in a fitness competition. Maybe a crossfit or bikini competition. I have done runs, I do not want to be a runner. I have gotten really into working out and lifting and I really feel myself getting addicted. I get very competitive with anything I am passionate about. Now that I am addicted to lifting and working out, I need to compete!

6. Get trained in makeup artistry. I used to think I just liked makeup and enjoyed watching makeup videos, but it is more than that. Over the past six years I have found that I really have a passion for it. And, as I said about my masters degree, I like to be an expert in whatever my field of interest is. Ah! I get so excited even thinking about it!

7. Pursue my own business full time. Since I was young, I didn’t know exactly what career I wanted, but I always knew that I wanted to work for myself. I am pursuing weddings and events, but I have so many interests! Whatever I choose, I want to be able to do it full time and, of course, be successful 🙂

That’s it for now. I can’t wait to look back on this a year from now and expand on this!

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