A Week in Review: 2 Sickly Boys and a Cat Bite

This post is supposed to go up on Sundays… but technically this is a four day weekend, so it’s okay, right? Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who serve and remembering all of the fallen heroes who died protecting us.

This week was a bit stressful! Anytime my boys are sick I realize why my mom was such a worry wort. My dad would always tell me that my mom would rather be sick or in pain herself than have me or my sister be in pain/sick. Now I get it. BD (Big David) is experiencing some bad joint pain and I can’t help it but be very worried about him, sometimes he does not take care of his body like he should! LD (Little David) had a fever and cold over the weekend and halfway through the week. He had a febrile seizure this winter (meaning his temperature suddenly jumped) so whenever he has a fever, I worry constantly and annoy him by checking his temp 24/7. Thank goodness he is feeling better!


On another note, my cat bit my foot. I love cats…. but this cat never grew out of her kitten stage (she is literally still kitten sized too.) and biting is just not okay. It got infected for a few days so hobbling around trying to take care of my boys this week and still get my workouts in was not easy!

This week on the blog I posted one of my go to recipes, roasted root veggies. I also did some day dreaming and created a summer wishlist. Go check out the “Stuff I Want” currently!

photo (3)

As for Memorial Day Weekend? Mine was full of cleaning, gardening, playing outside, grilling, eating outside at one of our fav pizza places, barbecuing and swimming…. Perfect! Now back to the real world tomorrow… Boo!

photo (4)

And for a quick weekly favorites!

Favorite blog post: Maxie McCoy’s guest post on College Prepster about body love. Inspiring. Especially after my first fitting for my wedding dress this week.

Favorite YouTube video: Mr. Kate’s Bed Head Challenge because her and Joey are just so dang cute and I can completely relate.

Favorite Song/Artist: The Pretty Reckless’s, Heaven Knows #WCW Taylor Momsen, am I right?!

Favorite movie and/or TV show: Rambo. This if one of BD’s favorite movie franchises and we sat down and watched the most recent one…. then went back and watched the first. Yes, I need to complete the series and it is not exactly my typical style, but finally watching two of BD’s favorite movies and seeing him get so excited talking to me about it made me a happy girl.

Favorite clothing and/or beauty item: I haven’t been very fashionable this week, so I’m going with beauty. I have fallen in love with a MAC eyeshadow combo that my fiance seems to like as well (he doesn’t love heavy eyeshadow). Grain on the lid, Soft Brown in the crease, and Carefree Pro Longwear Shadow highlighting the brow bone and inner corner. I feel like I go out saying, “why yes, I do have naturally perfect lids!”

Favorite thing that happened this week: LD peed on the toilet for the first time ever… then did it again… and again. TMI, but I have resisted telling all of my Facebook friends about this in an effort not to be one of those moms, but I decided that it this my blog and I am going to be honest about the biggest event we have had this week 🙂

Thing I am looking forward to most for next week: Going to the gym. This sounds lame, but I enjoy it so much! My gym is full of young, hot people so it’s motivating and fun to go to. This week my infected foot made it almost impossible to put any weight on it so gym next week is a must.

That’s all folks! Talk to you next week… or should I say this week.

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