A Week In Review | Finally, A Beach Permit.

Man, I am terrible about getting these posts up on Sunday. I was just so tired yesterday I barely moved! A friend came to visit us this weekend which was awesome. BD just bought a beach permit which means we are able to drive onto certain state beaches, park right there, grill, fish (you actually have to be fishing), and even DRINK. It is so convenient not to have to lug the kids and everything we need down to the beach, but the problem is BD is not a extremely into fishing so it took us a WHILE to make sure we had everything required to do this. He actually had to drive off the beach once, go buy a few things, then come back! Either way it was so much fun and now I know we will be at the beach so much more this summer. Especially since we won’t have to struggle for a spot on the beach like you do at public beaches!

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (6)

Cutest picture of the boys ever right there! So after the beach, my friend and a couple others just had a bonfire with the kids outside. It was so nice! But I’m still recovering.

This past week on the blog… I stole Emma Robert’s style, I updated you on our updated entryway, and I posted awkward pictures of myself posing for an OOTD. I am super excited for whats to come on the blog next week. Hint: I just ate some of it.

Now onto things I have been loving this week!

| ONE |

If you’re the only mom in your group of friends or vice versa… watch this.

| TWO |

My new bedding. It is from the Barbara Barry Poetical line at Macy’s and it is in the color “Poetical” – if poetical means gray then okay!

photo (5)


Ana White’s Build a Farmhouse Bed Plans. I guess I am really into beds this week… we are redecorating our bedroom and this is DEFINITELY going to be a part of our new bedroom. This blog post makes it so easy for you/me to DIY! And by me I mean, my fiance and father-in-law-to-be.


| FOUR |

My nude pumps from Ann Taylor. They were featured in my Black and Nude OOTD last week. Everybody already knows that this should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but this past week I have really proved that to be true for me. I have found every excuse to wear them. Sometimes around here I want to get dressed up, but look a little silly running to our local pizza place for a quick bite in heels. I have found I can get away with these more often than any of my other heels. Here are some similar ones.

photo (6)

| FIVE |

Claire Marshall. My newest girl crush. I love all of her videos so much that I could not pick just one that I loved most this week! Go watch them all. I would die for her wardrobe. I sometimes play it too safe with clothes and I want to emulate her style like crazy!

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