REAL Weeknight Meals (Yes, real.)

It’s funny to see some posts and videos about “Easy, Healthy Meal Ideas!!!” So many of them seem so contrived and fake.

"I only eat fresh green juice and organic acai bowls."
“I only eat fresh green juice and organic acai chia bowls.”

That isn’t to say we don’t “juice” in our house. We love our juicer! But I am also guilty of looking in my fridge and throwing together whatever I have as best I can or sometimes cutting corners to get it on the table as quickly as possible. We are healthy eaters in general though. Both of my boys eat almost anything and I am thankful for that!

After a couple of years of practice, I have perfected a few go to recipes that are easy for weeknights, are usually semi-healthy, and definitely satisfy my boys. Here is what I made last week!


Super moist meatloaf (thanks Barefoot Contessa!) with sauteed squash and broccoli.

photo 3 (6)


Vegetable (bell pepper, asparagus, carrot, onion, and spinach) fried rice. One of those throw-everything-you-have-in-the-fridge-into-one-pan-and-cook-it type of meals. This is my favorite meal that I make.

photo 2 (7)


Cheesy tuna noodle casserole. This is one of my not so healthy meals, but at least along with the peas, I snuck in some fresh, chopped spinach too!

photo 1 (7)


(Buffalo) ranch chicken wraps. The buffalo is optional in our family. I paired it with some fresh fruit and that was that! So easy.



Out to dinner it is! Does anyone cook at home on Fridays? I try, but find it so hard!

I loved doing this post. I definitely have a few more go to recipes for the weeknight, so I will have to do more of these kinds of posts!


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