Switching Up My Skincare | Proactiv +

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Recently, my skin has been freaking out. With a wedding in July, needless to say I then began to freak out as well. All of this freaking out (aka stressing out) definitely didn’t help my skin. I had never had the type of breakouts I was having. My forehead, which has never been a problem area, was bumpy. That is the best way to describe it. Usually, I just get a stray pimple here or there. It was not good. I remembered that I used to love Proactiv when I was a kid with a bit of acne. Ever since then, I have used Cetaphil to wash my face (definitely recommend) and was always trying expensive new products. I was done with that. I decided that I wanted to go back to Proactiv and see if it helped my skin again.

So, Proactiv + is a little bit different. The first step is the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. This was key for me. I really felt like my skin needed a daily exfoliator.

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Step 2 is the Pore Targeting Treatment. My pores had started to look pretty bad in areas that were usually fine! Although I have only been using this for a week, I do feel like my pores are starting to look a bit better.

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And step 3 is the complexion perfecting hydrator which leaves my skin feeling amazing. Just the right amount of moisture and so smooth I can’t stop touching it.

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They also sent the Skin Purifying Mask, Re-Texturixing Toner, Eye Brightening Serum, and the Mark Fading Pads. I have not tried the mask yet. I will definitely continue to get the eye serum- not because I have noticed results yet but because I do always want to use an eye cream for preventative measures. I also think that I will repurchase the Re-Texturixing Toner because it has Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it and I have been wanting to see how my skin likes AHA.

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Overall, after my first week of using Proactiv +, I am loving it. I can’t give my full seal of approval yet. I would need more time to do that! But, I have seen an improvement in my skin already. It’s not perfect, but the bumpy (ew) forehead is gone! Thank goodness. I am hoping over the next month my skin will improve even more and look radiant for the wedding.

We’ll see…

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