A Week In Review | Headed Back Home

As I mentioned last week, BD has been gone for annual training. We miss him. We skyped today and LD was so excited to see his dad’s face. It was adorable. On  Thursday, I decided not to stay in our empty house any more and made the trip over the bay bridge back home to my parents’ house. We had an amazing weekend going to the park, attending our family’s crab feast, celebrating father’s day and just hanging out. I won’t go into much detail on this right now because I want to do a whole blog post on our renowned family crab feast later this week!

Last week on the blog I explored the pineapple fashion trend we are seeing everywhere, started my own Modern Shore Book Club, and tried out Proactiv +.

Now, what about my favorite things this week? Here they are.

| ONE |

My number ONE favorite? I just found Kristen Howerton’s post on the Huffington Post called “I’ve Got Your Lifestyle Blog Right Here”. As a lifestyle blogger, you’d think this might offend me… but no. I started this blog with the intention of being REAL. I don’t think my photos look perfect, my closet is not full of designer clothes and I do not photograph my outfits every day because yoga pants and a workout top would get pretty boring. Kristen hits the nail right on the head with this post.

| TWO |



Enough said 🙂


Getting back on the wedding blog train. I had been slacking, but I loved my posts last week and already have a few prepped for next week. Go take a look at our local Delmarva wedding blog- Beach To Bay Bride.


That’s all for this week! It’s 7:30 and I am so tempted to jump into bed already…. maybe I can last until 8… maybe.


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