Day In The Life | An Epic Crab Feast

This weekend I traveled over the bay bridge back to my parent’s house in Maryland. Every year in celebration of Father’s Day and the “June Birthdays” including Grandma, Granddad, and now my Little Davy, we have a huge Crab Feast. It quickly became one of the things our family looks forward to most every year. We go up to our Aunt and Uncle’s 20 acre home in Western Maryland and I die over the beauty of their house every time we go. We go in the pool, play horseshoes, volleyball and basketball, we go on tractor or Gator rides around the property, drink beer and (my favorite) PICK CRABS. I am the ultimate crab picker. It is my favorite thing to do in the world. Some people think it is too much work. If sitting around with friends and family outside at a picnic table socializing while you have a drink and eat the most delicious food in the world is too laborious for you then, I might not like you 🙂 JK, my fiance isn’t a huge fan of it and I still kind of love him.

Anyways, this year was especially amazing because LD was old enough to really enjoy it himself. He also thrives in social situations so he soaked all the attention up. PLUS – and this was the icing on the cake- he really liked the crabs! It’s a special day for an Eastern Shore mom watching your first born “pick” his first crab.





10388120_582074315241329_8626799571800507951_n (1)












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