We’re Married!

Hi Guys! What better way to get back into the swing of things than show you guys some photos from our wedding?! We were married at Salero in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Dawn, the venue coordinator, did a great job calming down a bride who plans weddings herself and doesn’t like to let go of the reigns! These wonderful images are from Photography by Brea, she was awesome! Definitely recommend her. Another fav vendor of mine was our florist, Bayberry Flowers. I ADORED our bouquets and centerpieces. He totally got my vision.  More importantly, David and I had an amazing day. He is my best friend and  I loved every minute of our wedding. If only I could go back in time and relive the exact same day, but just enjoy it instead of being nervous about being the center of attention! Anyway, without further ado, here are my favs (there are a lot…oops!)

sarah+david-1016 sarah+david-1018 sarah+david-1021 sarah+david-1028 sarah+david-1033 sarah+david-1038 sarah+david-1040 sarah+david-1042 sarah+david-1045 sarah+david-1007

sarah+david-1010 sarah+david-1064 sarah+david-1077 sarah+david-1079 sarah+david-1085 sarah+david-1090 sarah+david-1102 sarah+david-1103 sarah+david-1104 sarah+david-1106 sarah+david-1109 sarah+david-1114 sarah+david-1116 sarah+david-1118 sarah+david-1122 sarah+david-1124 sarah+david-1125 sarah+david-1132 sarah+david-1141 sarah+david-1144 sarah+david-1149 sarah+david-1153 sarah+david-1155 sarah+david-1162 sarah+david-1166 sarah+david-1167 sarah+david-1170 sarah+david-1205 sarah+david-1206 sarah+david-1220 sarah+david-1262 sarah+david-1276 sarah+david-1309 sarah+david-1310 sarah+david-1313 sarah+david-1318 sarah+david-1320 sarah+david-1339 sarah+david-1355 sarah+david-1363 sarah+david-1365 sarah+david-1377 sarah+david-1449 sarah+david-1453 sarah+david-1492 sarah+david-1496 sarah+david-1542 sarah+david-1550 sarah+david-1757

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