A haircut, a birthday party and a seizure. | A Modern Shore Vlogs

So this week, our two year old son had a seizure. Last winter he had one as well, but they don’t appear to be related. They are febrile seizures caused by a spike in his temperature. The sad thing is I feel so responsible as if I am not monitoring his temperature enough. But, I need to convince myself that is not the case. This time, I had just given him some tylenol because his temperature was up a bit. I was on my lap top getting some work done while cartoons were on. My arm was around little David and suddenly I noticed that he was shaking. I turn to face him and his eyes are rolled back and I knew you had to keep them in a safe place so they do not hurt themselves and my first instinct was to just hug him close and say “I love you.” It was so scary although I know it only lasted seconds. My husband was still at drill for the National Guard and I was trying to make sure Davy was okay, call him and get him home….man…. just thinking about it makes me so scared. We took him to the hospital and he is okay. He has the flu, but has honestly been acting like he is perfectly healthy! Thank God.

Anyways, our week was also full of fun things like haircuts, a birthday party and good new recipes. Check out our video down below.

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