NEW Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks | Review & Demo

The past few weeks you could have found me pulling into every local drugstore and Walmart parking lot in hopes of finding these babies. Every single display was always completely empty, every time. Finally! I checked back in at my local Rite Aid, not really expecting much and there they were! The New Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks. I held back and only picked up two to test out for the time being.


I bought Touch of Spice and Divine Wine. Two shades I knew I would get lots of use out of.


First up, Touch of Spice. If you are looking for a drugstore lipstick to achieve the 90’s fall matte lip color that is all the rage at the moment, you absolutely need this lipstick. It’s perfect for the fall, but you can definitely wear it year round as it is a great my lips but better shade- my favorite kind of lipstick to wear!


Next, Divine Wine. This is a bit less wearable, but equally as beautiful as Touch of Spice. It is a wonderful wine shade that is particularly great for fall and winter. I also love to dab it on lightly or wipe some off with a tissue for a natural wine stained look.


I definitely recommend these. I am really trying to think of “cons” to make this a very thorough review. You have to like a matte finish though, but I happen to love matte lipsticks. Speaking of the the formula, this is probably my favorite matte formula I have tried yet. It is super creamy with a soft matte finish. I did not experience drying, but of course it is not extremely moisturizing either, which is to be expected.

The lasting power was fairly good as well. As you eat or drink, the color wears of pretty evenly and leaves your lips with a bit of a stained look (especially Divine Wine, of course). Even after the initial creaminess is gone, the color can be seen for at least a few hours longer.

In the video below, I tried these on for you so you can see the colors on my lips, how they apply and the pigmentation…

Overall, I definitely recommend these lipsticks. Especially for the price! I found mine at Rite Aid for $6.99. Suggest other colors to me! I will definitely be buying more.

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