What To Do When You Pick Too Many Apples This Fall

As you hop off the tractor and walk towards the apple orchard, you approach a small table with two women, “3 pound bag or 20 pound box?” Why, box of course! We’re at the apple orchard anyways, we might as well go big. Sound familiar to anyone? Now, here I am at home with a box of apples that will go bad any minute. Apple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is!!

Here are some apple recipes that I tried this fall. If I get any requests, I will be more than happy to do a full, detailed recipe on any of these! In the meantime, I hope this post gives you ideas on what to try out this fall season, or any time of year for that matter!

First up, apple cobbler. I just used bisquick with sugar for the topping!

apple cobbler

Salad with apples! I kept it simple, lettuce, onion, apple and cheese.

Apple coleslaw! A brown sugar based sauce accents the apples in the otherwise normal cole slaw.


Then, make turkey burgers with diced apples and top it with your cole slaw!092

Try stewed apples! Throw in whatever you have in your spice cabinet… we did brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


Apple, mango, avocado salsa! I used this to top shrimp lettuce wraps.093

And finally, the star of the apple show… apple dumplings! Definitely the winner. My husband said I make them like his mom does, which means I definitely did well on my first stab at apple dumplings!001


Congratulations! You are now officially sick of apples!

Want full recipes, just let me know!

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