Current Favorites, Green Eyes & Goodbyes

This past week was hard. First, our step son, Eli, moved to Florida with his mom. It was hard, especially seeing the boys say goodbye. BUT! We will have him for Thanksgiving this year! Also, my Granddad passed away this past weekend. His viewing was Wednesday and his funeral was Thursday. I am not going to talk about it much because it’s hard and I just finished saying goodbye, but I will say a few things. He is the hardest working man. His goal was to love and take care of his “sweetheart” (Grandma) and his ginormous family that the two of them created. My family is loud and crazy, but you could always find Granddad in the middle of it all quietly listening and when he would speak you would shut up and listen. He would either say something so wise (“If you can’t love the ones God gave you, how will you ever love the ones you chose for yourself.”) or surprise you with a hilarious joke out of no where. Fart jokes were some of his favs.


The last time I saw him, he was weeks away from dying of lung cancer but he still wanted to help my dad, husband and uncle with chopping wood. We made him “supervise” from a chair next to the shed where we all sat and Little Davy played with his toys. My Granddad suddenly got up and grabbed this old pair of underwear that he was going to use as a rag (do not throw anything away at their house!) and put it on his head to make my son laugh.


Anyways, now that I have said my goodbyes to Granddad, I have to move on and get back to my normal routine, which, for me, means Face of the Day on Fridays!

So, I went to do my makeup… and realized I left my makeup bag in my husband’s truck. No worries, I have a huge stash of more makeup then I will ever be able to use up… except for the essentials. I only keep a few mascaras, liners, foundations and concealers on hand at any time, so I really had to dig deep into my collection to find everything I needed for this look and it got me feeling a bit adventurous.


I went for a green winged liner and green under the eyes. For the winged liner, I did your typical liquid liner and just placed Humid eyeshadow from Mac on top to create a dark green. How wild of me, right?


What I used: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Medium Ivory, Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Light Bronze, Jordana FabuLiner, Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara, Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded, Mac eyeshadow in Grain (lid), Mac eyeshadow in Humid (on top of liner and under eyes), Mac lipstick in High Tea, Maybelline Color Whisper in Made-It Mauve

Since, I have been MIA the last half of this week, I wanted to throw in a quick current favorites! This time around it is a bit random!

1. The Pretty Reckless. All of their songs. I have a serious girl crush on Taylor Momsen. I want to be badass like her….

2. I have been listening to In The Woods by Tana French on Audible and I love it. Plus, I just found out they have 5 books in the series about different characters. So far, I really recommend it.


3.  Next up is #1 on my wish list: Musee Matisse Skirt in Tan from ModCloth. I envision so many amazing outfits starting with this skirt right here. Ah, need!

4. And # 2 on my wish list: Saloon Ankle Strap Shoes from Topshop.


5. Finally, I wanted to add a makeup tutorial that I saw last night and was amazed at the technique. I have been experimenting with makeup for years and watched endless YouTube videos, but so many are the same. Jaclyn Hill achieved a cat eye using a technique that I had never seen before so I had to share this. Plus, I like the end result much better!

I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend! After this mentally draining week, I am more thankful than ever to not have ANY plans for this weekend. Of course, I’ll vlog whatever we end up doing for you, though! I have a lot planned for the blog next week, so look out for me next week!

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