Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow | A Review

Today I am reviewing the famous, Filmstar Bronze & Glow by Charlotte Tilbury.


I was such a typical blogger when I received this package. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the nearest sharp object, opened it and immediately began photographing it from every angle. Typical.


But, really the packaging is gorgeous isn’t it? You can tell they put so much thought into it and it is much appreciated by me.090

The gorgeous gold packaging is not just beautiful, but sturdy and comes with a wonderfully large mirror.092

Finally, the beautiful compact is open and you can see what you really wanted, the product!099


It comes with a bronzing shade that has a shimmer to it. It is subtle and can be built up if needed. I do not find it too shimmery, but I do not use this as a contour powder. On me, it creates a wonderfully glowing bronzed and naturally sun-kissed look.

The highlight is golden and beautiful. It looks natural, yet creates a beautiful glow. As it wears off, you see the flecks of glitter a bit more. I also use both the highlight and bronzer on my eyes and love how it looks! In the photo below I am using it on my cheeks, temples, and nose as well as my eyes.


Pros: It creates a beautiful, sunkissed and glowing look, especially when used together. It is subtle, yet fairly buildable so it is hard to make this look unnatural. It wears for a fairly long time. I have worn this to the gym and it stayed on. The shades are neutral and should flatter most warm, neutral and cool skin tones. And, of course, the packaging is wonderful.

Cons: When the highlighter wears off, I see more obvious glitter rather than a wonderful golden sheen. The bronzer is not as pigmented as other bronzers. While this is good for my skin tone as I can build it up, it will most likely not work for those who have much darker skin tones than me. The price point. $65 is a lot to pay for this.

Here they are swatched. You can see how it looks on the front of my hand versus the paler back of my arm.


Would I Buy It Again? I think this question says it all about a product. And unfortunately, the answer is… probably not. I do love the product, but I have a feeling once I finally finish it I will want to experiment with other bronzers and highlighters, especially cheaper alternatives. That being said, if I cannot find a better product at a better price point, I will most likely but it again, but probably not right away.

Overall Grade: I give it a B. Not bad!

Buy your Charlotte Tilbury Filmstart Bronze & Glow for $65 here.

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