Last Minute, Low Stress & Low Price Gift Guide Ft. Target

The point of this gift guide is three-fold.

1. It is December 15th, so if you haven’t started gift shopping at all… it’s getting last minute. This means you most likely cannot order the gifts online without paying an excessive overnight shipping fee.

2. You may have already spent a crapload (excuse my french) of money on gifts or you don’t have time to wait around for another paycheck before buying your gifts (see number 1)… trust me, we’ve all been there. This gift guide is low price.

3. Low Stress. Read: “AVOID THE MALL AT ALL COST!” All suggestions on this gift guide can be found at Target. Most people have a Target nearby, right? And, while Target can get pretty crazy too, it’s nothing compared to the mall.

target gift guide

Shop Target for these gifts! (Top left to bottom right) Phone Case ($15), Burt’s Bees Set ($15), Cardigan ($20), Plaid Pouch ($25), Heated Blanket ($40), Gloves ($13), Real Technique’s Brush Set ($13), Hat ($25), Pacifica Set ($16), Blanket Scarf ($17), Workout Tank Top ($20), Pillow ($15), Yoga Mat ($17)

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