2015 Lifestyle Changes (not resolutions)

When I was a kid, my dad tried Nutrisystem and Atkins in an effort to lose some weight. He had great success with each…. that is during that time that he was able to maintain a strict, drastic and often disgusting diet. Knowing that diets were not a long term solution, my dad decided to make lifestyle changes to become healthier, not just lose weight for the time being. He now follows the Paleo “diet” and it works for him. He has cut out sugars, most carbs, and incorporated many more raw and organic fruits and vegetables into his diet. Most importantly, he doesn’t go off track if he takes a bite of something slightly non-paleo and has really made it his way of life.

That was a long ramble just to get to my point… most New Years resolutions are stupid and this year, I am doing New Years lifestyle changes.

In school I remember learning about goals vs. objectives and I seem to apply this concept to my life quite often oddly enough. Here is a simple way to explain the difference between goals and objectives from Tulane


In most areas of life (career, fitness, etc.) I set objectives, which should be S.M.A.R.T.


This makes total sense. How else are you going to achieve something without being specific and defining how you will measure your success? Except, to contradict myself, I now think this is where we go wrong with resolutions. This year I need to implement lifestyle changes. I can set SMART objectives throughout the year, but if I set them now for the entire year not only will I forget about them when I mess up the first time, but I will be staying stagnant for an entire year.

Okay, enough with the boring ass business lesson. Moral of the story is: I am implementing some new lifestyle changes in 2015. I can set specific goals or objectives throughout the year to figure out what works best for me in order to maintain this new lifestyle. Make sense?

Here are my 4 Lifestyle Changes for 2015:

1. Find my blogging focus and follow through. I’m interested in so many things. I want freedom to write what I want, but I also want to focus and excel in my favorite areas. I’m not promising a certain number of posts a week or that I won’t change my focus after finding I don’t love writing about this or that, but I am going to try to find my passion and keep it up.

2. Continue on my path to fitness. I have found that I have a passion for lifting weights and working out. I have begun to count my macros and follow workout plans similar to body builders. I am not sure exactly where I want to be next year (competing in a competition..eek!, just healthier, or pregnant…hey, you never know) but I have my goals set for this month and want to continue to do so. Also, this might have something to do with Lifestyle Change #1 as well 😉

3. Make my house a home. I am still working on my “homemaking” abilities. It is a lot! Right now I am focusing on making simple everyday tasks a daily habit like getting the dishes done right after dinner and putting away the laundry right after it’s dry. Next up, I want to focus on both our bedroom and our son’s. Make them a haven for us. Comfy, cozy, relaxing, clean and organized. I want our home to be welcoming and a place where we just love being, so I will be giving myself projects to help with this throughout the year.

4. Spend more QUALITY time with my husband and son. Instead of spending Friday night watching a movie (which can be fun too) I want to spend quality time with them. I have already signed Little Davy up for ice skating lessons and we will be starting music back up soon. I love doing healthy, active things with him that teach him so much at the same time. As for my husband, we have decided to save up money to do more adventurous things- go on day trips or have a fancy night out. We also plan to take trips to Florida and Seattle this year. Ahh!

I hope this post wasn’t too rambly or boring. I am really excited about what is to come on A Modern Shore Life in the next few months. I have some great ideas and want to start 2015 off on the right foot. I hope you come along with me for the ride!

What are your New Years Life Changes/Resolutions? Are you like me and forget about them in a week if you make them too strict? I want to know!


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