Nars Audacious Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

About two months ago, I had a momentary lack in financial judgement and bought six, yes SIX, Nars Audacious Lipsticks. Spoiler Alert: They’re awesome, don’t get me wrong, but at $32, they don’t come cheap.

019Even the boxes are photogenic.

Nars switched up their lipstick packaging with this Audacious line and they did good. Beautiful sleek, black bullets, yet non-rubberized like the old ones (aka dirt magnets). They also have magnetic closures which are more entertaining for me than practical or useful, but then again, they do make good bobby pin locators in my makeup bag. Works every time. 032

So pretty….034

And here they are in all their colorful glory! I bought Brigitte, Anita, Anna, Natalie, Liv and Lana.

First up, Brigitte. A peachy nude that is a bit lighter than most shades I wear but definitely still wearable for a “my lips but better” lover like myself.


Below is Anita. A natural my lips but better, mauve color. A lot of people will love this one!049

Anna, my personal favorite and most used. Similar to Anita, but a bit of a darker mauve with more purple tones.053

Next, Natalie. A beautiful, warm, coral pink. My favorite kind of pink. 055

Now comes Lana. The shocking orange red that I was missing in my collection.

Finally, Liv. One of, if not THE, darkest shade in the collection. It’s a beautiful dark purple that I have worn out at night and also dabbed lightly on my lips for a dark wine stained look.060

From left to right: Brigitte, Anita, Anna, Natalie, Lana, Liv.



Overall Grade: A

I LOVE these lipsticks. Beautiful and unique colors, stunning pigmentation, and my absolute favorite texture/formula. They are all a soft, creamy semi-matte and remind me of the new Maybelline Soft Matte lipsticks that came out earlier this year. They last a decent amount of time and wear off nicely. The only downfall is the price point, but after just two months of having these Anna has already proven to be worth the cost.

My best advice? Go in and swatch them before buying to make sure you love the shade before committing. I really think you will love these.

Shop Nars Audacious Lipsticks here.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Becky says:

    All these look amazeballs!! I agree with you, Anna seems like it would be my favorite too, though I’m a sucker for a deep wine shades like Liv. I just wish these weren’t so expensive 😦


    1. Sarah Vorce says:

      I know, but Anna is def worth it! Liv is great, but I will be wearing Anna year round.

  2. Sarah says:

    Ooo love these colours!! I never tried NARS Lipstick before but would definitely try some of these colours 😀

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