2014 Best In Beauty

Okay, I’m a bit late on this. I apologize, but I still wanted to do it! This year I decided not to include a certain number of items or include something in every category. For example, I wasn’t all about bronzer most of the year, so I didn’t include one! This is honestly everything I truly loved and used in 2014.

Proactive Cleanser


This baby came about in July just before my wedding. I started getting strange bumps on my forehead- an area that was never a problem for me before. I found that my skin needed a cleanser  that was more exfoliating. This was the perfect fix for that. I tried out the whole line and will definitely repurchase this along with the moisturizer, the rest I could pass on. A close second is the Cetaphil cleanser. I have loved it for years and still love it when I don’t need the extra exfoliation. I did a first impressions righhttt here.

Coconut Oil


Cooking, skin, hair, everything. All the time, everywhere, always. This has been the only deep conditioner I used on my hair this past year. What I do is melt a little bit (or warm it up in my hands), coat my hair in it, put it in a bun, sleep in it and TA DAAA! Gross, greasy hair. That is, until you wash it thoroughly, then it’s amazing.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub


Cheap as dirt, available at Walmart, amazing scent, perfect texture, awesome ingredients. Need I say more? Best body exfoliator ever.

Prada Candy Perfume

My husband bought this for me last Christmas and I haven’t looked back. It’s very sweet (I normally hate sugary smells) but something about it is adult like and a bit…musky. I used it religiously the first half of the year. I have bought a few more scents since then and love them, but this has remained a scent that I use consistently and love every single time.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks 


This entire line is to die for. I especially love Touch of Spice, but will be buying more from this line. They are the perfect texture (creamy, mostly matte, no shimmer) and I love the shades I have so far! Here are swatches and my review.

Nars Audacious Lipsticks


These may have come late in the year, but they quickly earned their spot here. I love all 6 I have, but I particularly love Anna. See my full review and swatches here.

Mac Lipstick in Lustre

I bought this one about this time last year and used it like crazy all spring and summer. It is an amazing medium toned pink that is a little bit sheer which makes it so wearable. Gorgeous! I am pulling this one back out.

Mac Whirl lip Liner


I’ve always loved mauve-y, my lips but better colors and this is no different. I wore it on my wedding day under Nars Chihuahua and it was perfection.

Nivea Kiss of Cherry

I adore Nivea lip products and used this one so much this year as a moisturizer but also loved that it gave my lips a hint of color. It was a go to, no maintenance, lip color that my husband likes on me too (aka no sticky lipgloss or over the top lipstick, that’s all he cares about).

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer


I have used this for a couple of years now. It covers amazingly and is readily available at the drugstore. I find I don’t even need to set it (even when I go to the gym) and most days I only use this, no foundation or anything else on top. Perfect!

Mac Costa Riche Lip Liner


I saw a few YouTubers talk about this and convince me it would make my brown eyes pop. Well, it definitely does. It is a rich, warm brown that is unlike any other brown eyeliner I’ve seen before. My brown eyes look amazing with this and it has quickly become a holy grail product that I will repurchase once I run out of it.

Cover Girl Lash Blast

Want perfect, voluminous lashes without clumps? Use this.

Mac Soft Ochre Paint Pot


I have loved this for years. This was not a new discovery, but this year I neglected all other primers and bases in exchange for this wonder. I like using it on it’s own too!

Lorac MegaPro Palette


I ordered this in the fall and am still in awe. I filmed a review here. I’m so glad that I waited on the Lorac Pro 1 and 2 because this was well worth the wait. I love all of the warm and red-toned shadows, but Smokey Topaz is my absolute favorite shade. I love every look I create with this. If you find it in stock anywhere, buy it right away!

Mac Eyeshadow Combo: Grain & Soft Brown


This was my look for the first half of the year (and I still have them in my makeup bag and use them). Soft Brown is an amazing, warm crease color/blending color, but even more amazing to me is the fact that nobody talks about Grain which has a satin finish. It is the perfect color and texture. It gives your lids a sheen and brightens them, but if you are older or, like me, and starting to see some lines around your eyes, it is very flattering and does not accentuate those lines. These shades and, especially, this combo is gorgeous and well worth trying out. Also, Grain is my most recently purchased Mac shadow and also the only one I have hit pan on. That says something.

Revlon Brow Fantasy


This one is simple and cheap but effective. The pencil looks very natural and the gel is less goopy than others and doesn’t make my eyebrows too hard. I don’t see many people talking about this, but if you aren’t into dawning #instagrambrows on a daily basis, you should try this.

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose


In 2014, I was really into using an all in one blush. This means the blush must have shimmer to reflect on my cheekbone, bronze or earthy tones to act as a bronzer under my cheekbones, and also add enough color to my cheeks like a normal blush would. Somehow Stereo Rose does this for me! It is limited edition but they bring it back every once in a while because of it’s popularity.

Maybelline Master Hi-Lite in Light Bronze


See above. I have another shade in this range and love it. I will buy more, but Light Bronze is my favorite. Seriously, the perfect all in one cheek product and from the drugstore! This replaced Stereo Rose the second half of the year.

That’s all, guys! I had a lot of fun doing this. Who doesn’t like rambling on about their favorite things without interruption? Alright, I need some coffee. Talk to you next week!

P.S. Did you see my new vlog? Our healthy, high protein meals from last week!

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