A Modern Shore Guide To: The Perfect Bedroom + A Cozy Night In

This winter, I started binge watching the show Girls. I was onto the third season in less than a week. Sad? Maybe, but I’m addicted. In some ways, when I watch the show I think, “Wow, I’ve really got my s*** together compared to them.” My living room may be strewn with toys and my Christmas tree might have stayed up halfway through January, but hey, I’m 25, married, with a job that’s hard, but I like it, and I’m a pretty darn good mom.

Still, I have made a resolution to make my home a bit more “grown up”. I love decorating and organizing, but the bedroom is always the last priority. You can’t shut the door to the living room and kitchen when company comes over, right? I redecorated my kitchen last year, so I decided that in 2015 I would make our bedroom a priority.


Your bedroom should be a haven after all, the one place you should be able to go to for relaxation and not step on sharp little legos (those things kill!).

legos on floor

I have enough stress and clutter in my life, my our bedroom needs to be my our space. Clutter. Yes, that’s the problem.

Step 1: De-Clutter Your Life! Okay, that’s a tad ambitious. I’ll just start with the bedroom. Ahem, clothes I haven’t touched since college. That means you. Anything we haven’t used in a year, I’m throwing away… or giving away if donatable.

Step 2: The Bed.

bed 2

I might never become a master of bedmaking like my husband (the military will do that to you) but soft, clean sheets and pillowcases, a wonderfully cozy duvet, a decorative pillow or two and a cashmere throw to top it all of… that I can handle. This is where Parachute Home comes in. They are a newer company that offers quality bedding and essentials for an affordable price. I recently fell in love with their stuff (bonus, they partner with the UN Foundation’s “Nothing But Nets” campaign) and I have based my whole bedroom makeover around this simplistic duvet set. I’m also lusting over this throw.


Step 3: Decorate. Romantic candles? Check. Wedding photos…. just the one. Damn, been meaning to get more prints. My whole house is covered in family photos, so I think our bedroom will be littered with photos of just me and my hubby 🙂 Last thing, lovely, flowy, light curtains like these and my bedroom is all set!

Step 4: Enjoy it! Here’s what I recommend.

– Convince Grandma she needs some quality time with her grandkids…overnight.

– A glass of wine while your husband (or wife or boyfriend or partner or, hey, even better- try this by yourself!) is on his way home.

– A quick pamper sesh. Try this minty Queen Helene face mask, this Soap & Glory body butter or this Essie nail polish. Good stuff.


– Lit candles and this romantic, calming pillow mist.

– Takeout brought home by your one and only (no dishes, yay!).

– Another glass of wine or two…

And, voila! You both will be out like a light by 7:30 and have the best nights sleep of your life without interruption. What could be more romantic than that? 😉


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