Current Wishlist | Workout Clothes

Lately, I find myself perusing TopShop and Forever 21 less and less but go check my browsing history and you will be sure to find Old Navy Active, Lululemon,  and Under Armour. When you work out almost daily and sometimes twice a day, you find yourself wanting more and more cute workout clothes, am I right?! Add that to working from home where I can wear leggings and a tank top all day long and I literally only wear workout clothes. I might be testing out beauty products with a full face of makeup, but I am likely wearing leggings, a sports bra and a workout shirt. Sorry, not sorry! 🙂

Want to see my current wish list? Well, you’re in luck!

I wanted to mention Old Navy in particular.  I love them for regular clothes, of course, but also their active line. I actually already have a ton of tank tops from Old Navy that my husband got me for Christmas and I love all of them! The “You Don’t Know Squat” tank top is from there!

Side Note: How gorgeous is the back of this Under Armour tank in the top right picture? Scroll down to see where you can get it along with everything else!

tanks row 1

tank row 2

leggings row

hoodie row

 Top Left to Bottom Right: Old Navy Tank Top, Under Armour Tank Top, Lululemon Tank Top, Gymshark Tank Top, Nike Sports BraOld Navy Sports Bra, Under Armour Leggings, Lululemon Leggings, Gymshark Leggings, Nike Hoodie, Gymshark Hoodie

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