5 Valentine’s Day Lips

Okay, guys, I was planning to do this full-on Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial, but every look I came up with was just all about the lips.

Here’s what I say about the rest of the makeup: Use the foundation and concealer that work best for your skin type, but keep it very natural and cake-free. Do a neutral eyeshadow and eyeliner look that you always love on yourself and that you’re best at (aka if you suck at winged liner, forget about it!). Then amp up the lashes with lots of your go to mascara.

Easy enough, right? I think you can handle that. Instead, today I wanted to focus on the lips.

When I think Valentine’s Day lips, I think of three things: the perfect, pretty pink lip, the my-lips-but-better color that accentuates your natural beauty, and, of course, the classic red lip. In most situations, Valentine’s Day lip products should also be long wearing and kissable 😉

Disclaimer: These aren’t your only options, just what I recommend! Often times for Valentine’s Day we like to pick a look our partner would like on us, but honestly do whatever the hell you want!

And without further ado…

Option 1: The Barely There, Kissable Shine


What You Need: Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in 05 Warm Caramel.


This gives a beautiful sheen. It is a unique neutral/caramel shade that I usually don’t pick out for myself, but the sheerness and the shimmer make it so wearable, completely natural, and it looks like your lips but just a bit better. Also, these balms smell great and feel so nice on.

P.S. The next lip product on the top of my wish list is the Neutrogena Color Stick in Fresh Papaya followed by every other shade in the range. It’s good stuff!

Option 2: The My-Lips-but-Mauve-ier, Food Friendly Look


What You Need (swatched below from left to right): Mac Lip Liner in Subculture (Whirl would work too), Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna, and Nars Lipgloss in Chihuahua.


This look is an awesome, go to look for any day. The great thing about wearing it on a Valentine’s Day date is if you don’t normally wear lipstick but want to spice it up this is a more neutral option, plus it is more food friendly than other lipstick shades. If this color fades or smudges as you eat, you won’t be left looking like a hot mess with bright lipstick all over your face. The lip liner will also help with longevity. I wore a similar combo on my wedding day and it is seriously stunning.


Above photo shows all three products swatched on top of one another.

Option 3: The Kissable Hint of Red


What You Need: NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie in Cherry Smash.


This might just be the winner for me this year. If you want a no-maintenance red lip this is it. It is a moisturizing balm texture but still gives you that hint of red that is so nice to wear on Valentine’s Day! It is slightly shiny and your date will not mind diving in for a kiss if you’re wearing this.

Option 4: The Long-Wearing, Perfect Pink Pout


What You Need (swatched below from left to right): Benefit PosieTint and Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 04.


This combo makes for such a pretty, classic pink, but I suggested these two products in particular for much more than the adorable color. The Benefit Cheek and Lip tints are great for staining your lips (the original Benetint would look great under Option 3 above too!) so as you eat and drink, if the product on top of it wears off you will still be left with a nice pink stain. The Clarins Lip Perfector is the perfect topper because it adds pretty shine that the PosieTint is missing along with a hint of milky pink. Best part? It feels so amazing on the lips. They are not sticky at all and have quickly become one of the ONLY lipglosses I will ever wear.


Above photo shows both products swatched on top of one another.

Option 5: The Classic, Sexy Red Lip (because, screw it, it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m going all out)


 What You Need: Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Ruby Valentine.


This is for any of you out there who don’t care how kissable or practical it is, you want to wear a shiny red lip. Good for you! Now, I do recommend using a lip liner (I couldn’t find my Mac Red lip liner) and I also think it is better for a girl’s night out or a date where you won’t be eating a ton of messy food. Despite all that, this really is a great option! I am all for matte lips and especially matte red lips, but I think this super shiny “vinyl” finish is so sexy for Valentine’s Day!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Or, better yet, what is your Valentine’s Day makeup plan? 

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