Currently Loving…Health, Beauty & Fitness!

Full disclosure: I just put on Queen Helene’s Mint Julep mask because I am breaking out badly (come on, I’m getting too old for this.) and decided that while I wait, I will tell you about some stuff I have been loving lately. This time it is going to include health, beauty and fitness, but I might separate them in the future because I know some people just want to hear about beauty and vice versa. We’ll see! But today, you are getting it all.

ONE | I found a new blogger that I’m loving. It’s Courtney from FitCakes. Why does healthy food have to be boring? It doesn’t. Courtney creates some really fun, healthy recipes. I also like that she does a post called, “What I Ate on Wednesday + Weekly Workouts“. I’ve been trying to incorporate my daily meals and workouts into the blog and like how she does it!

TWO | My obsession with KathleenLights is not a new one and probably not a surprise to most beauty lovers out there because she is just that amazing. Most recently, I fell in love with this tutorial. Purpley taupes always seem to bring out my light brown eyes, so now I need to go buy that foiled Makeup Geek shadow. Thanks Kathleen.

THREE | Flexible Dieting. I love making fun recipes that still have good macros. My diet needs to be planned not plain. I make a tentative plan every day so that I know approximately what macros I am eating but I am very flexible. If I splurge on a high carb meal at lunch, I just adjust what I’m eating the rest of the day. I really don’t look at where I ended up with my macros at the end of the day.

I found Josie, a Youtuber who is awesome at flexible dieting and posts a lot of videos about it. I’m currently loving her too at the moment!

Josie, I seriously needed that short girl gym hack. I have run into so many short girl problems at the gym recently!

FOUR | My recent new makeup finds! I knew I’d love Mac’s Plumful Lipstick, it just took me forever to buy it for some reason! It’s a rosy plum with a lustre finish which means it’s a bit more sheer and wearable with a slight sheen. It’s very much my kind of lipstick.

milani mac

I’m also loving this Milani Eyeshadow in Bella Ivory. It seems so plain and you’re probably wondering what’s so great about it? It’s the satin finish that I love most about it. It adds some lightness to the eyes but no actual shimmer. I like it as a highlight or all over the lid.

So basically, I’m obsessed with both of these things more because of the finish than anything else. Whoops!

FIVE | I am in love with this story. She amazes me.

SIX | My new hair! My friend visited and she did it for me. We used Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in R2 Medium Intense Auburn.

image (3)

That’s all for now! See you next time and what are you currently loving? 


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