A Week In Review | Feb 20, 2015

Yup, so I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty proud of my blog posts this week. I posted consistently and I love what I put out. Saying to someone, “I’m a content creator” sounds like BS to some because they just don’t get it, but blog writing and all that encompases it is time consuming and deserves a lot of thought put into it. This week, I was luckily able to dedicate enough time to A Modern Shore Life.

Hopefully one day I can dedicate even more time to it 🙂

This week I told you about my new favorite recipe: Sweet Potato Pizza Crust. I am legit so amazed by this, do not be afraid to try this!


On Tuesday, I introduced a new series called “Quickies”. This basically means short, to the point reviews with the basic info you need to make a decision about the product. This week I talked about Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors.


Wednesday I showed you my pretty little face (alright, Sarah…) with my Face of The Day featuring a new, very flattering eyeliner look I’m loving along with various products I have been obsessed with lately.


Finally, on Thursday I shared my very first “Full Day of Meal Prep + Workout of the Day” and I am so excited to share more of these with you!

workout 2

What’s happening in my life? Well, this past weekend Little Davy got sick. I think I jinxed us because I had just told my husband how happy I was that Davy hadn’t been sick much this winter. After two febrile seizures in three years, I am super careful when it comes to Davy’s fevers so this was a stressful week! Besides that, it was pretty normal. Work, clean, gym, cuddles with my boys and repeat. My life has gotten pretty monotonous and boring lately. Sometimes I think I need to change that, then I realize, WHY? This is what I have worked my whole life for and we are happy 🙂

That’s the end of my ramble. I will be leaving you until Monday with my favorite beauty and fitness videos/blog posts of the week!

This week’s Best in Beauty: Sleeping Beauty by Beautezine (hint, you will be seeing one of these products more next week!)


This week’s Best in Fitness:

Have a great weekend!

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