A Tuesday Quickie | Maybelline Master Conceal

Today, I have another quick review for you! This time, it’s a new concealer from the drugstore that has been getting a lot of attention recently.

Product: Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Conceal Makeup (shade 30 Light/Medium)


Price Point: Good price at about $8 depending on the store.

The Claims: “Ultra-concentrated formula. No buildup. Camouflage flaws and dark circles with no telltale cover. Full coverage. Undetectable finish.”


What I Think: First off, this shade is a bit too dark for me at this time. But that’s not Maybelline’s fault. That being said, I can blend it in enough for it to work for me. I do think that this has awesome coverage without looking cakey. I find that with one light layer it covers up old acne marks (they just will not fade) pretty well. With a second light layer, I get the best acne/redness coverage that I have ever gotten from a concealer yet.

For under the eyes, I could get away with using a lighter shade as this formula does work fine for me under my eyes, but what I really wish is that they had a salmon shade. That way it could really counteract dark circles rather than just lighten them.

Overall, great concealer! I have been using it alone on an everyday basis, no foundation!


Would I Repurchase: This is the end all be all question, in my opinion. And the answer is….yes! Most likely. I mean it’s cheap, readily available right down the street, it works and I do like it. That being said, the drugstore is always coming out with new stuff and I might want to try something new by the time I get through this one.

That’s all for today! So far this week has been all about makeup, but some fitness/food posts are coming your way too!

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