Full Day of Eating + (At Home) Workout of the Day #2

I wanted to keep up this series and show you all another full day of eating. Yesterday, I ate really well and stayed on track, but I was only able to do an at home workout. That’s okay, though! It was a busy day, so I did my best and stayed on track.

First, I filled up my water bottle with water and made sure I drank all of it. I need to get much better about drinking water and this is one way I’m trying to do that. Plus, it makes me feel pretty full too. I also took my usual Women’s Multi-Vitamin along with my Super B-Complex with Vitamin C and Folic Acid. I need to get more Fish Oil as well. I recommend that too!


Next, I knew I had to dive right into work so I didn’t have time to make breakfast right away. I made myself a little protein shake and drank my energy drink. No, I don’t recommend Monsters but I’m being honest about what I ate/drank, right?


A couple hours later I was ready to take a break and make my breakfast burrito. This was seriously the best meal I had all day and if I had anymore avocados on hand, I would make this again right now.


I used a low-carb, high fiber tortilla, my avocado/plain non-fat greek yogurt guac concoction (I will tell you more about that tomorrow), and finished it off with scrambled egg beaters. So delicious!


After digesting my burrito, I wanted to do a quick at home workout. I knew I wanted to do circuits to get my heart rate up and get a bit of cardio in. I also knew that I wanted to focus on abs and glutes. Here are the circuits I did. I rested about a minute between each. Click the links for how to videos.

1. 25 burpees, 50 lunges with front kick, 50 ab twists

2. 75 jumping jacks, 50 glute kickbacks, 50 crunches (hold for 10 seconds every 10 crunches)

3. 50 mountain climbers, 50 lunges with front kick, 50 ab twists

4. 25 high knees, 50 glute kickbacks, 50 crunches (hold for 10 every 10)

For lunch, I threw together a strange, but awesome mix of leftovers. I came up with leftover brown rice with a can of tuna mixed in and topped it with the remaining guacamole from my burrito since it doesn’t save too well. Once I mixed it all together, I felt like I was having some sort of tuna casserole! I also had some raw broccoli with fat-free Italian dressing.


That night, my son had his toddler music class. When it was his turn to go up to the “microphone” and imitate the teacher’s “Ba, Ba, Ba” rhythm he repeated it perfectly! The kids usually get so nervous in front of the class, it’s adorable. We did a few dances at the class, so that counts as exercise, right?

After music, we were ready to eat. I was somehow able to make dinner before leaving for the class, so we just had to reheat it. I baked tilapia seasoned with lemon pepper and some breadcrumbs along with sliced onions.


We also had sauteed broccoli and cauliflower with diced garlic and soy sauce. I served it with the rest of our brown rice we had in the refrigerator.


Alright, I have to admit. I was supposed to go back to the gym after dinner for biceps/triceps and some cardio, but the house was a mess and I felt like I hadn’t seen my boys in forever, so after Big Dave got home from the gym I just did the dishes, put away laundry and watched Bar Rescue with my two favorite guys. Oh, and I can’t forget about my dessert…

protein pudding

Peanut Butter Protein Pudding! This will also be included in tomorrow’s post, so you will have to wait and see the recipe then, but I have to say that it is so easy to throw together and seriously fulfills my cravings.

After that, it was bedtime! Look out for my post tomorrow on ways to pack more nutrients into your meals!

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