L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints | First Impression & Swatches

The other day, I went to my Rite Aid for something that I could have probably found elsewhere (and probably for cheaper) because I somehow always find an excuse to go there secretly knowing I will end up in the makeup aisles. I was looking for something new to try and was about to give up when I turned the corner and found this L.A. Girl display in a random corner of a high shelf. NO WAY! I had never seen L.A. Girl in person before. I immediately snatched up three of the four Glazed Lip Paints they had in stock (I decided to skip on the orange- purple was wild enough).



Here are the shades I picked up (from left to right): Coy, Bombshell, and Pin-Up


Coy is an opaque royal purple. My husband called me a purple people eater.

141 155

**DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the poor lip swatches. See my first impression below for an explanation!**

Bombshell is a bright, mid-toned “Barbie” pink. It has some slight fuchsia tones on me.

146 149

Pin-Up is simply your classic, candy-apple red.

144 156

So what do I actually think of them? I’m glad you asked!


Well, I certainly can’t say they don’t stain- which I love!


That being said, for the most part, these are not my cup of tea. The $3 price tag does help justify them though… but you saw the lip swatches, these are not easy to apply. Okay, yes you can just use a lip brush. For the sake of this “first impression” though, I wanted to use it directly out of the packaging to see how it works. These are quite a bit more liquid-y than Too Faced Melted lipsticks so they apply very messily, feathered outside my lips and ended up on my teeth everytime I moved my lips. Just don’t eat, drink, talk or smile when you wear these and you’re good to go.

I have heard these are more comparable to the OCC Lip Tars, but I cannot attest to this myself. It has been pointed out to me that these would make great mixing shades, which is a good point, but on their own most of the colors are pretty unwearable. I am a lip junkie and can find a time and place for almost any shade, that being said I still know that I will rarely wear these.  The red is the most wearable, but the messiness of this makes it so dangerous for most occasions. What I CAN see myself doing is applying these, allowing them to set a bit, then wiping them off with a tissue to have a nice, unique stain to my lips. I did this with coy and enjoyed the slight, lilac tint my lips had.

Now, please keep in mind that this is just my first impression! I will be trying these with a lip brush next time and really test out the longevity. Who knows, maybe I will fall in love with one of these shades. If so, I will be sure to let you know!


And, finally, I will leave you with this cutie. After watching his mommy’s lips change to some scary, unusual colors, he finally gave in and gave me the kiss I was begging for. Made me one happy momma!

kiss collage

Let me know if there are any other shades you love that I should try and I will talk to you all next time!

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