Introducing the A-Z Directories!

Last year you may have noticed I had a lot more variety in my posts… DIYs around the house, awkward OOTD’s that broke my bank, etc. If you saw my New Years post, you might remember that I decided to find my niche and really focus on what I’m passionate about and, in turn, enjoy writing about the most.

That is why this blog is now a “beauty, health and fitness” blog with some lifestyle thrown in there. I’ve always loved beauty and been active in that online community since college. On the flip side, my recent passion for fitness paired with my past culinary training has resulted in the recent influx of healthy recipe and workout posts as I take you on my journey to fit.

a-z collage

The problem I have been running into is that the two topics, while related in my eyes, draw in different readers. I completely understand that some of you couldn’t care less about my workouts while others don’t want to see my recent favorite beauty products. That’s okay!

The other day my sister (a complete minimalist when it comes to makeup who couldn’t care less about my thoughts on the L.A. Girl Glazed lip paints) told me she was trying to find a recipe on my blog and couldn’t.

Thus, the A-Z Directories were born. Yes, that was a very rambly and roundabout way of introducing a new little tab you will now find in the menu of A Modern Shore Life.

You will find two directories: Beauty Products and Healthy Recipes.

a-z collage 2

I’m really hoping this helps any of you out there who are looking for a particular post, review or recipe idea on A Modern Shore Life! I will continually update these as I post more and more reviews and recipes, so look out for that!

Now I want to hear from you! Any bloggers out there have this same dilemma? How do you satisfy two possibly different audiences on the same platform?

And if you are a beauty and fitness lover like me (I love you!) and comment below!!

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