MAC Cinderella Eye Gloss | Does It Really Work?

Nope! It doesn’t work.

Guess I should have said “spoiler alert”…


Okay, I’ll start from the beginning.

Product: MAC X Cinderella Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped



What is it? Well, here’s what MAC says:  “A pair of glistening eye glosses that shine like glass. They provide high shine and can be used to enhance pigments or provide a wash of gloss and a hint of colour when applied on their own.”

Okay, so how exactly do we use it? Fingers? I guess that’s up to us to figure out. But first, swatches!


Below is the product swatched with just one swipe.


And now here it is with two layers of products. It really is a beautifully sparkly, high shine champagne shade.


And finally, I have blended it out. You cannot wear a thick layer of this product, so I wanted to show you how it would look sheered out.


To apply this I put an eyeshadow primer on one eye and no primer on the other. I used my fingers because I couldn’t get this product to move at all with a brush. I definitely let the primer set before applying the gloss, but I could see the primer move around completely under the gloss, so it actually made it worse.

When doing my makeup, I applied the gloss last, then immediately went to go take photos in hopes that I would get at least one photo of the gloss looking nice and pretty because I really do like the idea of a high shine, wet eye look. Here’s what I got in the photos I took immediately after applying it.



Below on the left, you can see the creasing from the primer I used and in the right you can easily see the mascara that smudged all over my lids. Remember, this was all within the first 10 minutes of wear while taking photos. (Click on the photo to see it larger)


The way that I think this product actually looked best was as a highlight on my cheekbones and to highlight the center of my lips.

029 032

*Disclaimer: Eyebrows are still ungroomed. I don’t like the shape and am trying to grow them out so I can fix them*

This is a pro product that MAC has in it’s normal pro line and it should have stayed that way. The only way this would work is for editorial work where it doesn’t actually have to serve a practical function.

The worst part? The sticky feeling. I was going to keep testing this out, but after 15 minutes it already looked terrible and I couldn’t stand the feeling of it on my eyes any longer. As you blend this out with your finger, you tug at your eyelid with every move no matter how gently you work. Once it’s finally blended out, you feel like you have the stickiest, heaviest lipgloss smeared all over your eyelids. You feel your lashes get stuck in it and blinking proves to be a much harder task than it should be. Removing it is not easy either despite the fact that it so easily moves and creases around your eyes.

Would I Buy It Again? That’s funny. No. And I would not recommend that you try it. Good thing it’s sold out on the MAC website right now. I swear, I really did want to love this product, but that’s okay. MAC can’t win them all, I guess.

If you really want to buy this (despite my review :)) they have it on Amazon here!

This post contains some affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

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