How Moms REALLY Work Out | Mommy Week

Last week, Davy was home sick. Once we got an antibiotic in him, he started feeling much better and energetic, but we still couldn’t take him back to daycare yet. Therefore, we decided to do one of our mommy/son at home workouts while stuck in the house.

Davy has started to really imitate what I am doing when I workout and finds it super entertaining. He will count with me as I squat or climb on me when I do planks and thinks it’s hilarious… you’ll see.

Hope the potty break in the middle wasn’t TMI for any of you non-parents 🙂 That’s real life though, right??

Before I go, here some discounts I have for you fitness loving, health nut mommas (or daddies) like me out there:

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*Those links are affiliate links. Thanks for the support if you choose to use them! And no, this post was clearly not sponsored- my son chose to wear that Spiderman costume by his own free will, that is not a promotion for any Spiderman movies 😛 *

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