Fitness & Staying on Track when Traveling | Vacation Time!

As you all may know, I was traveling recently. I made a point of staying at least somewhat on track while on vacation and came up with a few easy tips that I figured I’d share!

Pack for fitness. The one thing I always forget when traveling? Sneakers. Plus, be sure to think about the weather where you are going. I went with mostly tank tops and leggings because I hardly have any workout shorts, but I was pretty hot down in Florida wearing leggings!

chopped broccoli

Plan for the travel time. One of the most important parts! We packed chopped broccoli, cucumbers, and peppers, all of which my son loves. I also cooked protein cookies and brought granola bars. The one thing I forgot? That I needed salty snacks too. For the way back (don’t forget to pack for the way back!), I bought some Quest Protein Chips to satisfy that craving.


Research workout options. I bought a week long pass to the LA Fitness right down the street and it was the best decision I made that trip. It was a great stress reliever and something about going to new gyms as a gym lover… it was super motivating being in a different environment! I definitely recommend that.

la fitness

Nice blurry pic, right?

Make mostly smart-ish choices when you eat out. And don’t forget to watch out for those tempting alcoholic beverages! I don’t think you should deprive yourself completely on vacation, but I always think it’s a good idea to make the best decisions you can in the moment. Ask for a side salad as a replacement or only eat one slice of bread on a sandwich. Little sacrifices like that prevent me from spiraling out of control!

Grocery shop & eat in. I recommend buying breakfast foods for each morning, deli meat, fruit and salads for lunch on days when you won’t be on all day outings and maybe plan on cooking one dinner in. This makes counting macros/calories, or just knowing what exactly is in your food much easier! Plus, sometimes it’s nice to not have to make a big fuss on meals anyways if you had a busy day and it saves you money too!


Okay, so I gave in to one (or a few) of those tempting alcoholic beverages I was referring to. 

Plan active outings. Ours were LEGOLAND and pool time. If we were in another area or without toddlers, I would have planned a long hike or something along those lines! LEGOLAND was enough of a hike lugging two kids and all that goes with them around for an entire day!

Don’t be afraid to do total body wherever you are! When in doubt, sprint, squat, lunge, do crunches, etc. Check out my At Home Mommy Workout. If I made that work (somehow), anyone can.

Next up? What’s in my travel makeup bag, what else?!

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