Inside My Makeup Bag | Vacation Time!

As you might know, I was recently on vacation. I’ve been home for about a week and I am getting ready to go off on another trip. This time to Dallas for business. Now, most people would be extremely excited about all of the traveling and old Sarah would have been too! The New Old Sarah (as in age, because I’m no longer the young, world traveling college student I once was 4 whole years ago) is particularly stressed. Packing the right dress clothes, making sure my boys – yes, one is 30 years old – are ready to be without me for a good 5 days and, of course, I’m still catching up on work from being away and have some major projects that need to be done before Dallas…..

Am I stressing you out as much as I’m stressing myself out simply by writing this post?


Relax, Sarah.

Makeup always takes my mind off of stressful things, so let’s discuss. What do I take in my travel makeup bag?


First, let’s bask in the glory of my makeup bag that my lovely bridesmaid got made for me for my wedding. Crabs, navy and white and monogrammed- yep, that’s me. *Ignore the red bleach mark, ugh!*


So when it came to deciding on makeup, I have a couple trouble areas: blush and lip products. I brought my go to face makeup, brow products, mascara and one eyeshadow palette (that I used once), but with all of the new spring/summer blushes I’m loving and excessive amount of lip products I buy… that was the tough part.

Here’s what ended up making it into my bag for the trip!


I didn’t use any of these except the Well Rested (top right) under my eyes! I bought the Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer while I was there and used it religiously. 


Everything is linked down below, of course.


Is that really THREE Mac Paint Pots? Why, Sarah, why?


Now here comes the excessive stuff. I believe I only used 2 of the 4 blushes and Neutrogena’s Warm Caramel along with the Mac lip balm from the lip products!


Products I brought:

Loreal True Match Foundation

Maybelline Master Conceal

Bare Minerals Well Rested

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder

Nars highlighter in Albatross

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, Bare Study, and Rubinesque

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde

Covergirl Eyeliner (Old! Don’t think they have the same one anymore)

Milani Liquid Eyeliner

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

Lorac MegaPro Palette *LIMITED EDITION*

Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Light Bronze

Milani Blush in Luminoso

Mac Blush in Well Dressed


Nivea Kiss of Cherry Lip Balm

Neutrogena Color Sticks in Warm Caramel and Soft Raspberry

Too Faced Lipstick in Cinnamon Kiss

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 04

Mac Lip Conditioner (Is this discontinued?! I fell back in love, plus SPF!)

Whew. That was excessive. Let’s see if I can narrow it down for my next trip. What do you always travel with! I want to know!

*Yep, this post contains some affiliate links, thanks for your support if you choose to buy from that link. This post is not sponsored.*

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