A Tuesday Quickie | Maybelline Brow Drama

Product: Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama in Blonde

Price Point: About $8.00 from Drugstore.com

The Claims: “Our first brow mascara to take brows dramatically bold and sculpted in two easy steps! Only with our tinted Sculpting Gel + Sculpting Ball Brush. Provides a natural and even colored finish.Zero clumps! Comfortable to wear.”


What I Think: To apply this I first brush this product in upward motions starting at the tail of my brow going in the opposite direction as usual. I then scrape the remaining product off of the brush as no additional product is needed, then run the brush through my brows to tame them.

I love that this adds the much needed color to my brows and makes my brows look much thicker. If you have extremely thick brows, this might not be for you as quite a bit of product comes out on the brush (sometimes too much) and it is not meant to be used as just a brow gel to keep your brows in place. It will add color and thickness.

That being said, it definitely keeps my brows in place which is a big plus, but be careful when reapplying for touch ups! I have to completely remove this before applying again, otherwise it will flake and get clumpy.


Would I Repurchase: Actually, I already have! And I plan to continue to do so. Overall, this product is quick and effective. I can quickly apply it and run out the door knowing I don’t look crazy (aka browless) on my no-makeup days. If you need perfectly drawn in brows, this may not be for you, but if you are low maintenance and your brows need some help, I’d give it a try!

*This does contain affiliate links, thanks for your support*

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