The “Whenever You Have 10 Mins” Workout

I set a goal for myself to be more active throughout the work day. Hence, this quick total body workout that you can do wherever you are. Sometimes throughout my work day I need a little break from work, so I get on Facebook or watch a Nikki Blacketter vid (guilty pleasure, am I right?). Instead, when I catch myself doing that, I have been making a point to do this 10 minute workout.

For me, it’s easy because I work from home. I know my husband does push ups and ab exercises in his office at work, but that might not be plausible for everyone. If you feel comfortable doing some of these exercises (especially if you have a secluded space or an especially cool boss), I’d say go for it! If you can’t bring in the weights, leave them out!

Or, if you really can’t workout during the work day, try this when you are sitting on the couch, watching TV at night or on the weekends. Replace 10 or 20 minutes of sedentary time a day with activity and I know you will see a difference. I know it makes me feel happier!

Wow, enough talking, I’ll get on with the workout.

Also, please don’t judge my form or my weight! I’m making major progress and just want to bring you guys along on my journey as I learn with you!


45 seconds of jumping squats

10-20 plie dumbbell squats

10-20 dumbbell hip thrusts (use a bench or you can just put your head on the ground!)

10-20 weighted glute kickbacks (put dumbbells behind your knee)

10-20 lunges with a kick backs (when you click on the link, it’s the first exercise)

10-20 Romanian deadlifts with dumbbells

(Click the links to see how to do each of these movements!)


45 seconds of jumping jacks

50 ab twists (use dumbbells if you want!)

50 scissor kicks

50 second plank

50 dumbbell side bends (25 each side)

50 lying back extensions


45 seconds of mountain climbers

10-20 bicep curls

10-20 dumbbell tricep extensions

10-20 hammer curls

10-20 dumbbell skull crushers (use a bench or lie on the ground)

10-20 push ups

And repeat! As many times as you can throughout the day or whenever you’d normally be sedentary for a long period of time. Or hey, if you only have time to do it once, it’s still 10 more minutes where you were not sitting on your butt!

I’m loving this little routine!

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