Review | Bombas Socks

A month or so ago Bombas reached out to me about sending me a couple of their socks to try out. I had never heard of them, so I read up.

“Bombas have been engineered to the perfect tension and elasticity so they stay up, aren’t too tight, and don’t slip down.”  They also have a “blister tab” and a “honeycomb support system”. I don’t know what a honeycomb support system is, but it sounds cool, so sure I’ll give them a try!

IMG_3194 IMG_3191

They even sent a pair for my boys which I thought was so sweet! They really like wearing them. A little big for my toddler, but that doesn’t stop him from wearing them. He prefers to put on both pairs at the same time.

Also, from a bloggers stand point, that means they took a few minutes and scrolled through my Instagram- or something of the sort. That’s always appreciated as opposed to the generic mass blogger email.

IMG_3192 IMG_3193

The best part about this company: one pair purchased = one pair donated. Awesome! Socks are the number one requested clothing item at homeless shelters. I love supporting companies that do this, especially if they have an great product to go with it.

sock close ups

So how do they perform? The company has such high claims for these socks, and I mean they’re just socks. How amazing can they really be?

Well…they’re pretty cool. They are definitely the best and most comfortable socks I have ever owned. That being said, I’m not known to invest in socks all that often… But still!

They are thick (not like fuzzy, sweaty thick…good thick) and fit very snug which I like. I definitely agree that they don’t slip down, which is my BIGGEST pet peeve with socks. I will go sockless before putting on a pair that I know slips down.

I don’t know about the support system per se… that’s hard to tell. I never really had foot problems, but I don’t know if these socks would solve them if I did. I also haven’t fully tested the blister tab yet, although none have developed! If only I could wear these with my shoes when I work a wedding, that would definitely put it to the test.


Overall, the comfort is quite amazing and I do recommend these if you have a problem with socks slipping down (have I made it clear how much that bugs me?).

Oh and I love the styles I got too. I think my favorite are the navy and red ‘Americanas’. If you want a pair or two, go order them from Bombas’ website and send a homeless shelter a pair too 🙂

P.S. Right now you can get 20% off your first purchase of 4 or more socks by signing up with your email address!

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