Health & Fitness Update + Muffin Testing

Well hello, there. It’s me, Sarah. You might not remember, it’s okay. I have been missing (aside from my FOTD I just posted) from my very own blog for a while now.

I have good reasons why.

One, a happy reason. My sister got married at a resort in the middle of the woods off of Mount Rainier. It was perfect. Needless to say this happy occasion and trek out to Seattle (LD did amazing on his first flight) took a lot of time out of my schedule.


The second reason, is not so happy. Just before leaving for Seattle (like I literally had a procedure done the day before flying across country) I found out about a health issue. I don’t want to discuss the details, yet. I’m sure I will at some point once I’ve had time to process it and learn about it.

What I can say now is that I have shifted gears a bit in regards to health. I want to lose weight, but I am determined to be healthy first and foremost… and drastic measures is not the way to go. Here is what’s going on with me and fitness right now (I feel like I’m talking about a relationship. Fitness is my on again, off again boyfriend.)

  • I am back up and running after this procedure and ready to get back into lifting. Once again, my focus will not be on drastic measures (especially long cardio sessions) but more on heavy weight lifting and HIIT cardio. That’s what I like anyways!
  • I am doing partial meal prep. Meaning on the weekends I usually prep our meals up until night time. I miss making dinner too much when we do a full on meal prep. One thing I am most excited about is breakfast prep… but more on that later.


  • Meal prep aside, my number one focus is educating myself on what is the most healthy for me and my family. I want to really understand what I am putting into our bodies – but (remember this when you come back and see me putting something you don’t agree with into my recipes….) nobody is perfect. I live by the motto: I just try to make the best choices I can with the knowledge I have.
  • I am majorly focused on balancing my hormones. I don’t have all the facts yet, but I have a inkling that this could have attributed to my health issue so I am looking into this a lot! A few things I will be doing to work on this is improving my sleep schedule, limiting caffeine (God help me), and supplementing with Vitamin D, Magnesium, Cod Liver Oil and Coconut Oil. I also want to learn more about Leptin!

Okay, so now for the yummy stuff. I have been Muffin Testing. Yes, you read that right. Muffin Testing. It’s my favorite thing to make for breakfast when meal prepping because they last so long. I’m actually thinking about doing an E-Cookbook all about muffins – egg and protein.


Most recent experiment: Hawaiian Pizza Egg Muffins – yes, it has ham and pineapple and tomato paste and well… you’ll have to wait to find out. Sounds crazy, but I loved the flavors. Just have to perfect the consistency! I believe adding the tomato paste made them less fluffy than usual.


Next experiment is what I am calling Cinna-Pecan-Bun Muffins (it’s a working title). I used PEScience Snickerdoodle protein powder, Walden Farms Syrup and all kinds of superfood ingredients that are just so “super” for you. As opposed to the Pizza Egg Muffins where the texture was off, this one’s flavor needs a little bit of improving but the texture was spot on. Overall, I’m pretty happy so far!

What do you think of an All-Muffin cookbook? Personally, I’m all about it 🙂

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