Day In The Life | A Green Smoothie, A Face Mask & ACTUAL Gym Footage

I wanted to elaborate on my workout for you, so here is a bit more info along with links to videos that better demonstrate how exactly to do each movement- since I’m no expert 🙂

I did 3-4 sets of the following for 10-15 reps:
Back extensions
Weighted side bends
Decline crunch
Ab twists (I used a medicine ball)
Good mornings (sorry if my form is off on these, work in progress!)
Glute thrusts on the leg extension machine

The back extensions and side bends killed me for days!!

Want to find the other products I mentioned in the video?

Jarrow Formula Green Defense – $15 from

Natural Vitality by Natural Calm – $15 from

Under Armour Women’s Recruit Backpack – $65 from Dick’s Sporting Goods (I can’t find the same color, sorry!)

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel – $22-45 (currently on sale!) from

Hope you enjoyed! If you like videos like this, let me know! I’m currently filming another. Like, I’m literally vlogging this as I type. 

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  1. katalysthealth says:

    Great job on the workout! Good mornings are probably one of my favorite target exercises. They get the hammies so well!

    1. Sarah Vorce says:

      Yes! I love them too. Partially because I can’t resist hitting those hamstrings & glutes- maybe even a bit too often 🙂

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