The LAST Haul| Beauty, Skincare & Project No Buy

I couldn’t come up with a cornier title sooo…. I just went with this. If you can’t tell (you probably can’t) it’s a play off of The Last Supper. Okay, that was dumb.

My other idea was the Final Hauldown because I can’t get that freaking song out of my head for some damn reason, but that makes even less sense.


So a score of 0 out of 2 for me and my pun attempts… Oh well.

Anyways, what are ya’ll doing today?

I’m getting ready to go to my son’s first ‘hockey’ (aka ice skating) lesson of the season and am so excited for him. The last time we went was last spring. He has now turned 3 and a good 4 or 5 months for toddlers can make a huge difference! I’ll let you know how he does.

After that, we’re going to the beach to fish all day, eat, drink, and have a bonfire at night 🙂 It might be a little cold, but it might also be our last chance for the year.

haul 9.19 1

Before I move on with my busy day, I wanted to get this haul up real quick.

I plan on it being my last one for a while. At least for eyeshadow, blush and lip products. As for foundation/concealers, mascara and brow products, I usually only keep one or two on hand at a time anyways, so if need be, I will purchase a drugstore replacement for those.

haul 9.19 2

I’ll keep you guys updated on this “Project No Buy” and see if I can actually use up any of my products! Wish me luck!

First up, this gorgeous eye palette from Mac. It’s called ‘Nordstrom Neutrals’ and it’s exclusive to Nordstrom, but the shadows are all part of the permanent collection, so it’s a great deal! I’ll be doing close up swatches and some looks with this in another post.

(Everything is linked at the bottom of the post!)

haul 9.19 3

Next up, some skincare! Shannon Harris on Youtube has been talking about this face mask a LOT and I was in dire need of an excellent eye cream too.

haul 9.19 4

Then more skin care…. can you tell I’m planning to share my skincare routine? Still perfecting it. When I post the routine, I’ll link it here too!

haul 9.19 5

A little deep hair treatment…can you say hair routine too??

haul 9.19 6

A mascara sample and my Nars BIRTHDAY GIFT from Sephora! I’m in love with the rosey shade.

haul 9.19 7

Then I went a little crazy with ColourPop. I’m doing a full review & swatches from their 90’s Fall Collection (linked here when it’s live).

haul 9.19 8 haul 9.19 9

You’ll get close ups, names and swatches in the blog post, of course, so I won’t go into detail. But I will mention two things that aren’t a part of the Fall collection- these really cool mauvey-neutral liquid lipsticks!

haul 9.19 10

I got Beeper and Clueless and am ecstatic that I chose those shades.

Alright, you want some links? As promised, here you go.

Mac Nordstrom Naturals Palette

Manuka Doctor Purifying Facial Peel

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Joico K-Pak Revitalux

Benefit Roller Lash

Nars Lip Pencils in Cruella and Rikugien

ColourPop Back To The 90’s Collection (details on what I got coming in a few days)

Colour Pop Ultra-Matte Lips in Beeper and Clueless

Let me know what you did this weekend! Also, I know that I have been posting a lot of a beauty reviews lately, but I promise more healthy recipes/fitness stuff coming up!


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