ColourPop Throws It Back Fall 2015 Collection | My Picks, Swatches & First Impression

Okay guys, I was really sucked in by this one. I haven’t kept track of a new Mac collection for years now. I didn’t even cave and buy Kathleen Lights’ ColourPop lippie stick in Lumiere that I really liked the look of. I honestly avoid limited edition products all together because I prefer quality, consistent products without the gimicks. And if I love it, I want to be able to get it again. 

Well, that all went out the window with ColourPop’s new Fall 2015 collection. It’s freaking 90’s themed, guys. I know, I know… 90’s is so “trendy” right now it’s almost disgusting but, for me, this was so nostalgic I couldn’t resist!

Plus, it was full of lip colors that scream “SARAAHH!”

(not Kylie, Sarah.)

Without further ado! Here are my picks from this collection. Imma let the eyeshadows go first – save my favorites for last 🙂

IMG_3928 IMG_3930

I got Stereo, Party Time, I Spy and Central Perk (aw) – shown in this order in all photos

IMG_3932 IMG_3934

What I Think About The Shadows: All are $5 and I was less impressed with the pigmentation than I was hoping to be. Every review I’ve seen the person is so amazed by this. It wasn’t bad, but didn’t stun me. I will have to use these more and let you know!

Next, blush!

IMG_3916 IMG_3917

Cruel Intentions AND Never Been Kissed because I couldn’t resist both.

IMG_3918 IMG_3925

Above: Cruel Intentions, Never Been Kissed (left to right)

What I Think About The Blushes: $8 and well worth it. I think you can tell that Cruel Intentions has already been well loved (although I usually love the undertones of Never Been Kissed). The mystery texture (cream?!) to powder finish formula is AMAZING. I love wearing it on very minimal makeup days for an “I’ve just been outside in the sun and/or wind” look.

I ordered a few Lippie Pencils too…


Oh Snap and Grunge (shown left to right in the photo below)


What I Think About The Pencils: Worth the price of $5 as they do their job and help keep the Lippie Stix application cleaner, but if I had to choose these or the Lippie Stix, I’d choose the Stix.

And finally… the thing that drew me in most. Lippie Stix!

IMG_3949 IMG_3953

In Nevermind, Contempo, Contempo and Grunge

And, yes, that’s 2 Contempo’s…. they sent me two by mistake instead of Oh Snap. Oh well…

IMG_3957 IMG_3958 IMG_3963

Sorry, I went a bit out of order on this one (worst blogger ever, I know). In the photo above, the swatches from left to right are Grunge, Nevermind, Contempo. 

What I Think About The Lippie Sticks: $5 each and definitely worth it. I want to get a few more wearable options because then I know I will wear them a ton. They are matte and slightly drying, but that’s expected and I think it makes up for it in wear time.

Final Thoughts: I will definitely be trying out more Lippie Stix in neutral shades and the obvious, unexpected standout were the Blushes which are a new daily go-to for me. The shadows and lip pencils “wow-ed” me a bit less, but to each their own. Either way, the colors are def fun and great for fall!

P.S. I snuck a couple of the Ultra Matte Lippies into my order too! They aren’t part of the fall collection, but they’re still great for fall (or anytime, they’re pretty neutral) and I wanted to sneak them in at the end here!

IMG_3937 IMG_3939

I decided to go with Beeper and Clueless (left to right) and I like them… a lot.

And that’s it. I swear.

For now.

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