New Schedule & Booty Work | Workout of the Week & FitFavs

Hi Guys! I keep thinking it’s Friday, but alas, it’s only Thursday. Don’t you hate when that happens?

That’s okay! I’ll keep this end of the week high going with a health and fitness wrap up of the week!

Speaking of…. I have decided on a new blogging/vlogging schedule. I hope to do a similar type of schedule with my beauty posts, but honestly beauty videos take a lot more editing work, so let’s take this one step at a time.

Here is the content I’m hoping to share with you all each week. I would say “don’t hold me to it”, but go right ahead! Keep me accountable 🙂

Mondays: Healthy Vlog – I have been enjoying filming my workouts (when possible), meal prep and generally fun stuff I do with my fam on the weekends, so I am going to keep this going… now to come up with a catchy name for these vlogs (suggestions?!)

Tuesdays: Healthy Recipe – one of my favorite things to share with you!

Wednesdays: What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) – also commonly known as a Full Day of Eatings 😉 This will be a video!

Thursdays: Workout Of The Week & FitFavs – This is kind of like a blog post to wrap up the week. I’ll share a workout for you all to try, any fitness/food bloggers or vloggers I am loving, and update you on my progress!

What do you think? I know it’s risky officially committing to this, but I always work better when I’m on set schedule, so I’m hopeful!

wotw 3

Anyways, since this is Thursday. I better get to my WOTW 😉 I think a glute workout is quite fitting for my very first WOTW as it is my fav. All day, everyday.

Here’s how I killed my glutes & thighs this week:

3 sets each, 8-12 reps (go heavy with lower reps if you want to build that booty!)

Goblet Squats

Sumo Squats

wotw 2

Split Squat with Dumbbells

Wide-Stance Leg Press

One Legged Cable Kickbacks

Glute Thrusts (on leg extension machine)

Hint: I always save glute thrusts for last because I expend so much energy, I’m always spent after them!

Finally, my fit favorites of the week.

  1. Em Dunc for one. I have been looking into powerlifting and/or weightlifting myself so I was so excited to see a Youtuber (typically a bodybuilder) try out a weightlifting competition. I sound lame, but it was really informative for me. 
  2. Surprisingly enough, fasted cardio!  I think it’s finally becoming a habitual thing for me which is awesome! When I wake up and want to set my alarm for later, I remind myself that I always have a better day when I do my fasted cardio and get out of bed!
  3. This week’s meal prep— rice, asparagus and ground beef. I ate it all week and am still not sick of it. First of all, I made the rice really well this week (sometimes it’s too dry or too mushy, this week it was just right). Second of all, I loved the flavor of beef instead of ground turkey. Such a great combo!wotw 1
  4. Brittany Lesser‘s full day of eating videos. She def inspired me to start posting mine and she cooks more interesting food than a lot of other Youtubers. Plus her food usually has more micronutrients in them too, because life isn’t just about macros 🙂 
  5. For Two FitnessI’m a new ambassador for For Two Fitness. No, I’m not pregnant, but I have been! Plus, I have some experience with pregnancy issues and might be trying for another one in the near future 😉 More on For Two Fitness coming soon!


And that’s all for this week! Wish me luck on my new schedule next week!

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