The Best of HIIT Cardio | WOTW & FitFavs

Alright this week’s workout of the week & blogger favs are one in the same.

This week, I’m all about HIIT cardio. It’s my absolute favorite way to get cardio in for many reasons.

A. It feels quicker because you are only doing a minute or so of “intense” cardio at a time. Do a few high intensity intervals and suddenly you’re halfway done!

B. It actually can be quicker. I typically do 30-45 mins of steady state cardio but only 15-25 mins of HIIT and, yes, I’m sweaty as hell after and my heart is racing.

C. It’s more entertaining! Steady state can be so boring, plus there are so many more options when it comes to HIIT.

Despite all of these “options” I honestly have been keeping my HIIT pretty standard lately. Sprints on the treadmill or the intervals on the stair stepper are my go to and I really like both!

That being said, I thought you might want to switch things up, so I went looking for the best HIIT cardio workouts I could find.

And this is what I came up with 🙂

Hello To Fit shared a really cool concept with this 10-20-30 method.

Hello To Fit
Hello To Fit

Or you can try this one from Purely Twins. You can do it anywhere and they even give modifications for pregnant women 🙂

Purely Twins

Then there’s this intense (but informative) 8-Week HIIT program from

DareBee has this 30 Days of HIIT program that is pretty cool. I always love challenges like this (you can download a PDF!).


And last, but not least (because it might be my fav)- this Build Your Own HIIT Routine from Divas Run For Bling.

Divas Run For Bling
Divas Run For Bling

Have a great weekend! I’m off to visit El Hubby while he is away for training! Eeekk!!

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