Weekly Beauty Favs (But No Face of the Week)

Guys, I did it! I’m really proud of myself. This was the first week ever that I posted content SIX times– sometimes twice in one day!

In case you missed it, this week of was full of (mostly) fitness:

A Healthy Vlog on Monday, PB&J Protein Cookies on Tuesday, What I Ate Wednesday Vlog along with a Maybelline review (cough, fail.), a HIIT Workout of the Week on Friday

favs pbj

And now this! My Weekly Beauty Favs and Face of the Week (without the Face of the Week, oops).

There are three reasons as to why I am not posting a face of the week this time around:

  1. My husband is gone (nobody to “impress”) and I have been at the gym twice a week all week, so I have hardly worn any makeup.
  2. I could have thrown on some makeup today, but I have been packing and cleaning like crazy to get ready to go visit the hubby!
  3. And… my eyebrows are embarassingly terrible. Enough said.

But next week, I promise! I have some looks I really want to share 🙂

What I do have to share with you are some current favorites that I am loving at the moment!!

First, ColourPop’s blush in Cruel Intentions. It’s the perfect formula, texture and color. It gives me the perfect, natural flush like I have just been out in the wind. I can’t get over it.

Cruel Intentions is on the Left
Cruel Intentions is on the Left
Cruel Intentions is on the Left
Cruel Intentions is on the Left

I finally bought Elf’s Lip Exfoliator that I have heard so much about and it’s honestly great! And $3. So… no brainer.

favs elf

Coconut Oil saved my hair this week. Literally, it rescued this tangled nest that I call my hair. It trumped the expensive Joico deep conditioner I shelled out a bunch of money for that is also probably chock full of chemicals (unlike coconut oil).

favs coco

And finally, if I am going to wear eyeshadow, I am only wearing my new Mac Nordstrom Naturals palette. As boring as it sounds, I love the highlights Vapour and Ricepaper! I will def show you some looks from this soon 🙂

Favs Mac Eyeshadow

As for a Youtube/Blogger favorite, I really liked Shaaanxo’s new Evil Fairy Halloween makeup!

I’m also loving watching beauty bloggers who daily vlog like Fleur, Danielle and, once again, Shannon. It’s fun seeing behind the scenes of people who love doing what I do… but on a much bigger scale.

Alright, my loves! I’m off to go visit my BABE! Can’t wait!

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