Soap & Glory Bright and Bubbly Set | Hauli-Beau-Days!

I’m back with round TWO of Hauli-beau-days. You have three more wonderful Holiday collection reviews to look forward to.

But today, is all about Soap & Glory’s Bright and Bubbly gift set!

soap and glory

You will notice a recurring theme throughout this post…. smell. Let me make this clear: ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE WORTH PURCHASING FOR THE SMELL ALONE. 


This glorious pink, sparkly box comes with four travel sized products and a loofa.


First, Scrub of Your Life. It feels nice, has made my rough arms feel softer, BUT I think I do like my Tree Hut scrub a little bit better because of the thicker, almost very wet sand-like feeling it has.


The Clean On Me shower gel is something that I have been wanting to try for a long time and if it were easier to access (if I have to order something, I’m less likely to have it consistently), I would definitely ONLY ever use this shower gel. It doesn’t dry out my skin and does it’s job of cleaning my bod, but honestly the reason I would repurchase it is because if I could pick any fragrance for my body wash to have, this would be it.


Next up, The Righteous Butter. This body butter is thick and luxurious. Definitely something I like to use at night and especially on my (gross) feet. It’s a great product but I tend to use body butters in general less often. I use the product below more often, but if you like body butters I would definitely try this one!


This Hand Food is a definite repurchase for me. I have actually already tried it, loved it, and gifted it to my mom and sister. That says something. It is nice and lightweight (perfect for use throughout the day), but definitely still makes my hands feel moisturized and soft. Next time I will be buying the biggest tube they have because I catch myself reapplying more often than needed for… you guessed it… that dang fragrance I can’t get enough of.

Yes, I just said “dang”…. my husband rubbed of on me, he says that when he is doing his Poppop’s “redneck” accent. Although, he doesn’t actually talk much different than his Poppop when using his regular voice….. tangent, sorry. 

But Sarah, “what does this wonderful scent you keep speaking of actually smell like??” 

I thought you might ask. It is called their “Original Pink” scent. They describe it as a “fresh, summery fragrance, with orange leaf, lemon, peach, sweet strawberries, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine.” I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description. I always describe it as “fruity with a bit of floral”. An overall sweet smell, but not sickly sweet like candy.

soap and glory 2

Overall, Soap & Glory is definitely a quality brand and these are all quality products. At $18, Bright & Bubbly is totally worth trying out (if not for the smell alone, which they ALL have) and deciding for yourself which products you want to buy full size.

I can’t think of anyone (whether or not they’re addicted to beauty, like you and me 🙂 ) who wouldn’t appreciate this pretty gift set for the Holidays!

What next for Hauli-Beau-Days? Becca (again), Benefit or Too Faced. You tell me!

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