Becca Glow On The Go | Hauli-Beau-Days!

Day 3 of Hauli-beau-days: Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Glow On The Go Set!

But before I get into that, I want to remind everyone that I am currently running a giveaway! I’m giving away one Momentum Wrap Bracelet (courtesy of Momentum!) and a FlipBelt! Click here to enter on my Facebook page and click here to read about the details/rules.

Moving on to Glow On The Go!

It’s $20.00 and comes with two travel sized versions of Becca’s famous skin perfector, opal. One is the pressed powder and the other is called “spotlight” which basically means a liquid highlighter.

12274631_845011012280990_5341297461666041767_n 12249565_845011072280984_6988707544524537144_n

I have been trying out Moonstone in the Afterglow palette and it is a bit lighter in color, more pearlescent white than Opal. Opal actually reminds me a bit of Soft & Gentle from Mac IN COLOR- it is completely different in finish and texture (thankfully).

I think that out of all of the Becca shimmering skin perfectors I have tried so far, this is my favorite.


As for the pressed powder vs. the spotlight liquid formula? That wasn’t as easy of a decision for me.

I typically prefer powder highlighters, but that might just be because some of my favorite highlighting shades are powders and they can sometimes be easier to use.

This powder is definitely a new favorite with an amazing formula. Soft, buttery (be careful, I hear they break!) and such an amazing finish. The sheen is not subtle, but not glittery.


As for the liquid “spotlight”… well… I think I might start using liquid highlighters more often 🙂 I do need to test this out more before I can speak to how it wears for a longer period of time, but I love how it looks on the face so far! This product creates a “natural” (using that word lightly, because the sheen is still REAL) looking, super dewey look that I love going for and you can’t exactly get that look from a powder.

Some people mix this into their foundation, some layer it with the powder. I will have to test it out more and see. For now, I think I will love it most on it’s own on light makeup days!


If you have been wanting to try Becca’s highlighters (or, like me, didn’t know which formula you wanted to buy!) this is another great set to try from Becca. I’m very happy I purchased it and think it is worth the price!

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