Benefit REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette | Hauli-Beau-Days!

Next up on the Holiday product review list? Benefit REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette!


It comes in an adorable tin package. I have to say though, it’s a bit bulky. Which would be FINE! If it had a mirror. For something that takes up so much room in my makeup bag AND contains half of the things I need to bring on a trip, for example, I expect it to come with a mirror.


But enough of me being picky about packaging. Over all, this is an awesome palette that comes with some of the BEST and most famous blushes from Benefit, along with a highlighter and liner I have been dying to try, and a very highly praised mascara.

IMG_1988 IMG_1991

Pictured above:

Dandelion: Definitely for paler skin tones, but I love it!

Rocketeur: Most used so far! I can see why everyone loves this one.

Sugarbomb: I was least interested in this one, to be honest. It’s kind of a mix between Dandelion and Coralista.

IMG_1989 IMG_1994

Pictured above:

Hoola: Have had this in the past. I like it, but I didn’t repurchase it!

Coralista: Already have it, love it and would repurchase it 🙂

-Watts Up!: A cream highlighter that is nice…. but I have a lot of highlighters. Let’s see if I get much use out of it!


Finally, it also comes with a They’re Real Mascara and They’re Real Push-Up Liner. That mascara is SO STRANGE. I loved it previously (like it rivaled my CoverGirl Lash Blast), but this sample was clumpy and a mess to apply. What happened!

As for the liner, I expected to hate it based on other reviews I have read, but I was actually able to apply it without too much goopy build up, so I was like, “hey, it looks pretty good!”… then it wore off in a weird splotchy way and way too fast.


Despite my personal disappointment with the liner and mascara (which are still hyped up products any makeup junkie would want to try for themselves!), this limited edition palette is BEAUTIFUL and was a wonderful excuse for me to get my hands on a few of Benefit’s Box Powders that have been on my wish list for years.

It’s well worth the $30 and you can buy it from Ulta or Benefit.

Happy Friday to everyone! Stay tuned for our next vlog which will be up tomorrow!

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