Review & Swatches | It Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Illuminator

I CANNOT believe how long it has been since I blogged. This is my fun/happy/creative outlet, so when I’m not feeling inspired or the thought of blogging stresses me out rather than acts as my de-stresser… I know I need a break.

Plus, life has been a bit MUCH (to say the least) lately. Stressful, busy, too much traveling and some sad stuff too. But this blog post is not about that! I’m sure I’ll update you guys soon on what’s been going on, but right now I’m here to talk about something much less serious. Makeup.

Highlighter, to be specific.

The struggle of photographing a product with mirrored packaging.

I was on a major highlighter kick recently and bought a few to add to my collection. The first one I want to review is the It Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Illuminator in Radiance because I haven’t seen many reviews on it out there!

IMG_5246 IMG_5256

I bought this on a bit of a whim one time while perusing Ulta. By “on a whim” I mean I hadn’t thoroughly researched the product beforehand like I do with most of my makeup purchases. What sold me on it was the interesting texture and finish.

I couldn’t stop touching the damn tester.

Outside, but in the shade
In direct sunlight

It’s a soft, smooth, cream to powder formula and, as a result, has all of the good qualities of a cream highlight and powder highlight all in one. The finish comes off a bit more dewy and skin-like than your typical powder, but it still has the blendability and easy application that I find in a powder highlight.

I apply it with my fingers and blend it out!

Blended out on the left, concentrated swatch on the right.
In direct sunlight

The color is pretty too, of course. It’s a perfect, neutral champagne sheen with no glitter. I wouldn’t recommend a glittery highlight, trust me. It’s a very natural looking highlighter on me.


So, the shade is great, the texture and finish are great… but the wear time could be better. I find cream products don’t last as long as others, but with the powder finish, I was hoping this would be different. I don’t find that it lasts as long as I would like (its not terrible wear time, mind you) and sometimes as it wears off, it starts looking oddly obvious on my cheekbones. So strange!

Overall, I do love this product and at the price point of $24, I think it’s worth giving it a shot!

What highlighters are your favorite? What should I try next…. if I don’t already have it in my excessively unnecessary highlighter collection 🙂

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