Boyfriend-Approved MAC Essentials | Makeup Monday

I know, I know. Just when I said this blog would be more centered around food, healthy recipes and powerlifting, I go and post this. But honestly, I have been wanting to talk about these products for some time and also, I think even fitness lovers would approve of these products too for everyday wear 🙂


So, when I say “boyfriend-approved”, obviously I mean “husband-approved” for me and, no my husband didn’t officially sign off on these products, it is just a figure of speech. He doesn’t care that much what makeup I wear. These just happen to be the products I bought before heading off the visit him in St Louis. He hadn’t seen me in a few months, so I wanted to look and feel my best.

Disclaimer: No, you should not feel obligated to wear makeup in front of your significant other (I rarely do, tbh) and yes, you should wear whatever makeup makes YOU happy…. but if for some reason you want to look fabulous for a special someone (a special occasion, for example), this is a great place to start!

Left: Mac’s Costa Riche, Right: Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25 and Face & Body Foundation in N3

My husband thinks I look nice when I wear makeup, but has said he doesn’t love when girls wear “too much” makeup. A bit contradictory, hun. For me, putting on makeup that I think my husband will especially like goes a little something like this:

  1. Something kissable 😉 (usually some tinted lip balm…let’s go low maintenance on the lips)
  2. Something that brings out my eyes which he loves to compliment me on
  3. Something that makes my skin look even, but does not look like “makeup” on my skin at all.
Mac Face & Body Foundation

My skin looks so pink in these pictures. I usually buy products that lean on the yellow side because, I swear, they match my face better. I think the lighting threw it off a bit, I apologize.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

For the face, I recommend Mac’s Face and Body Foundation (so light, so natural, it’ll never look like you have makeup on or cakey, but it somehow manages to even out and perfect my skin tone- enough for me, at least) and Mac’s Pro Longwear concealer. This baby is where the real coverage comes in. You need so little, one pump is even too much. I dab this onto my dark circles and hide these damn pimples that are suddenly appearing despite my strict adherence to skincare lately. I like using something light all over and only going full coverage where it’s really necessary.

Mac Costa Riche Eye Kohl

As for the eyes, I cannot tell you how much I love Mac’s Costa Riche eye kohl. It’s the perfect warm brown. I hear it looks great on green and blue eyes, but I have light brown eyes and this somehow (magically, I’m guessing) makes my brown eyes look bright and brings out golden hues. I love it. I already used up one completely and had been dying to pick up another. I smudge it out on my top and bottom lash lines.

All you “need” (I use that word loosely) now is some tinted brow gel, your best mascara, and some bronzer/contour to warm up and add some dimension to your face 🙂

Oh and that kiss-approved tinted lip balm I mentioned earlier can’t hurt either. 😉 My favorite is Nivea Kiss of Cherry. What’s yours?

What are your essential makeup products?

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