Grow Those Glutes | Tone It In Ten

Let’s get back on the grind with another Tone It In Ten workout (check out past ten minute workouts here!). Today I’m working out my favorite muscle, the booty! Or glutes, I should say. So, here we go!

tone it in ten grow those glutes

Don’t know how to do these? No problem! Let’s learn.

  1. Jump Squats. One of my favs because it gets my heart rate going and kills my quads too! Here’s a detailed demo/explanation.
  2. Clock Lunges. I have seen Katy Hearn doing a variation on this and, let’s get real, when it comes to the glutes, if Katy Hearn says she does it, we do it too. 😛 Start with your right foot. Lunge forward, lunge to the right, lunge backward, and finish with a curtsy lunge (all on the same foot). Then switch to the left foot and repeat. Here’s a video of Katy doing it, looking much more coordinated and balanced than I do when I do it.
  3. Glute Bridges. These are an absolute must for me when I work glutes at the gym (I use the smith machine!), but they are still super effective at home as a bodyweight only movement! Check out this video to learn how. I also recommend holding the bridge for 5 seconds every 10 reps or so! Then you’ll definitely feel the burn.
  4. Duck Walks. One of my favorites to do at home (partly because I feel a little silly in the gym) and definitely a killer. Bend down into a low squat. Step back four times, step forward four times, then do it again. Since I’m apparently on a Katy Hearn streak today, I might as well share this video of her duck walking with cables. At home, just do them with a dumbbell or no weights at all!

As I said above, do each exercise for 1 minute (I wish you luck!) then you have a minute to rest before doing it all over again. Before you know it 10 minutes is up, your glutes are burning along with your quads and hammies and you can move on to the next thing on your to-do list on this very busy day- I’m assuming, because let’s get real, life. 🙂

What are your favorite glute burning workouts? I am always looking for more to try! 


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