Skincare Haul | Sunday Riley, Simple, Kate Somerville & More.

I am a few days into Whole30 at the moment and well, to be frank, I have been thinking about what I’m allowed to eat all week, debating whether or not to do it this month, preparing, and literally prepping [f00d] and I’m quite over thinking about it at the moment. I’m drained to say the least #likeeveryothermomoutthereamiright

But, I will say that I am doing some weekly blogs throughout my first round of Whole30 and I will post an update on the blog as well soon, so stay tuned!

But, as you know from the title that you clicked on, we’re here to talk about skincare. Ah….now that, I can handle.

Hence, why I have spent so much money on it lately. UGH.

A little bit of background info:

  • I TYPICALLY have always had normal to oily skin. It will get dry during extremely cold or extremely hot weather (after a sun burn, ahem) or if I don’t do my skincare right, but otherwise, my skin leans on the oily side and I get the occasional pimple. I’d say in my “nasty” teen years I had two or three active pimples at most. Oh, the horror– I kid, I know I had it easy.
  • I have sensitive skin. I’m allergic to like everything. Well, clearly not food, but any other allergen you can think of, I’m allergic to and I’m prone to allergic reactions (especially around the eye area- can you say, fear of crows feet??!). In particular, to all types of makeup wipes and cheap face washes.
  • In the past few years, I have “struggled” with hormonal acne, mostly on my chin, and I have a problem with acne scars and what I think is hyper pigmentation. This really bothers me because while I might not have any active acne, it looks like I have a ton because of these marks that don’t go away!
  • But lately, I have had a bout of adult acne. I think I’m getting payback for all those years of nice skin while my sister struggled with acne. Dammit 😛 But, really, while the amazing products I have are helping with pre-existing pimples, I wake up every morning with a new one. Dammit, again. Once again, it sucks because this adult acne doesn’t just go away. I get marks that last for a LONG TIME. 

So now that you know my story, you will understand my purchases a bit more…maybe. Hopefully….. someone, please justify my recent spending………………

This haul comes to you in three shopping rounds. Because one order wasn’t enough. Or two…

First up, I needed more makeup remover, so I stuck with my go-to, Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. I know I don’t have a reaction to it and I HATE the Garnier version that I bought recently. Ah, so happy to have this back! Oh, and it works, too.


I also needed a stronger, more exfoliating cleanser than the Cetaphil that I had been using for years, so I went with the brand I knew my sensitive skin wasn’t averse to: Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub.


To go with that I bought these Facial Buffs. I’m not about to spend money on any over priced facial brushes that I have heard dermatologists don’t recommend (too rough). This will do for me, I don’t need anything overly aggressive, just a bit more exfoliation. Honestly, I like them!


I also bought these too-expensive-for-what-they-are, cotton pads to use with my favorite  makeup remover.

Round 2 came about because I was OVER my freaking acne marks. 

I went high end because I wouldn’t risk spending my money on over priced drugstore makeup that makes these same promises but don’t do a damn thing.

I gave in and purchased Sunday Riley’s extremely hyped-up Luna Oil and Good Genes. They came in a “Power Couple” pack that cost $78 for both (.5 ounces of each) instead of $105 each for the full sizes. Honestly, I am happy with the sizes I’ve received. I don’t see myself going through them quickly.


I use Good Genes in the morning. It is a lactic acid treatment that is meant to help with dark spots, skin texture and wrinkles.


And Luna Oil at night! It’s a retinol oil that is supposed to help your pores, wrinkles and firmness.


That was all for Round 2, but I still hadn’t had enough. I went in for round 3 of online shopping one late night.

I decided that despite the Sunday Riley products that seemed to be healing up my acne fairly well, I needed an acne treatment that worked and could catch the pimples the second I felt them coming. That’s where Kate Somerville’s Eradikate came in.


Attempting to show you how it separates. You stick a Q-tip in and don’t shake. It’s oddly satisfying to me.

And finally, with all of these tough serums and Eradikate, I knew I needed some moisture. Plus, I just love moisturizing. I can’t get enough. I know it’s the number one way to prevent wrinkles so I wanted a moisturizing mask because I don’t have one.


I went with Shiseido’s Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask…honestly, just because Fleur from FleurdeForce recommended it and I said, “well, okay!” And if I could guess that Fleur smelled like anything, this would be it. I can’t stop sniffing it and it feels nice thus far!

I think it’s safe to say I’m all set for skincare right now. I don’t see a “round 4″ happening for quite some time. I honestly checked off everything on my wish list- which feels odd for a beauty collector/avid list maker.

You can TOTALLY expect an update! Let me know if you want any product reviews in particular!

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