Last Weekend

Typically I aim to make my blog posts more for the readers. I don’t just want this to be a diary. I want my readers to get something out of my posts.

I shall not name the person, but someone I know personally writes the worst blog ever. It’s like a diary but in list format (bad writing and photos) and there’s nothing to take from it as a reader, its usually just personal brags. Ugh, I’m a hater. 😛

As I said, I really want people to take something away with them after reading a post, whether it is an actual recipe or just meal ideas, a workout to try, encouragement about trying powerlifting, or a new beauty product to try. I don’t know if anyone actually does get anything out of it, but that is my goal.

That being said, with my blog posts becoming more sparse due to lack of time and life in general, I have been taking to my blog more often when I just need to write. Today is one of those days, I just feel like yammering on about my weekend. I’m feeling talkative. Plus, a few more complex blog posts I’m working on just aren’t ready yet, and I feel like writing today so sue me!

Not to mention, strangely enough I kind of get a thrill out of reading detailed play by plays of people’s weekends- this seems to be a popular type of post for some reason!

So without further ado, here is what I did this past weekend! 

Friday night:

Started off the weekend with an upper body workout. Crossfit this week had killed my legs and I worked glutes after that too, so my all too often ignored biceps and triceps (that need more focus, honestly) got some attention that night. My husband was gone for drill weekend so it was gym, subs/salads and a movie on the couch for me and the babe. Typical Friday night without the hubby.


Saturday morning:

Gym first thing in the morning again since after Saturday morning, the gym daycare is closed the rest of the weekend- must. take. advantage. After the gym we were too hungry to grocery shop on an empty stomach so we went to Jake’s Wayback Burgers. Have any of you been there?! We love it. I got the Chipotle burger (jalapeños and all) and was able to resist the fries. Davy was getting impatient and “so hungry” waiting so we practiced his mad and sad faces…


I eventually got a smile out of the boy 🙂 After that we went grocery shopping. It was much needed. I got a few things to meal prep and a few good dinners.

Saturday evening:

That afternoon I decided to “screw cleaning” and go on a toddler date. We saw The Secret Life of Pets (not as great as I was hoping as an adult, but obviously I will re-watch this many times with my child once it is On Demand/Netflix).


Then we went to dinner. I picked Tokyo Steakhouse because I was craving sushi. Davy got chicken teriyaki and I got four whole rolls, so needless to say we took half the food home.

Look at that boy eating that soup 😛


When we got home I was about ready for bed. Grumpy, fighting sleep face (see below) cuddled up while I did a face mask (Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask) then we promptly fell asleep.



First, leftover sushi for breakfast, duh.

But by this time I was depressed because the weekend was over and I hadn’t gotten ANYTHING  done. Am I the only OCD, anxious person who needs to have a productive weekend to feel good? I had to some cleaning done, but there was only one thing in my way…


Oh here he is, laying in the sun like his doggy. I sent the boy off to the pool with his Mommom. He was very unhappy about missing out on the housework to go play outside.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.41.44 AM

I got my cleaning done and meal prepped some barbecue chicken with broccoli slaw, shredded carrots and rice. By 3pm I had gotten so much done, thankfully, so I could relax… who am I kidding. I don’t relax! 🙂

Lots of changes coming for me and the fam. I’ll update you all when I can. Bear with me! And thanks for listening to the ramblings of a crazy, talkative woman. 

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