Game of Thrones Workout Challenge

Alright, so whether you’re behind on the whole GOT train, totally caught up with the Season 6 Finale but having withdrawal, or you’re like me and can re-watch the entire series because you missed so much (partly because I can’t watch TV without multi-tasking, partly because it’s so damn confusing), this is for you.

So here is what you do: just put on the whatever episode you’re on (even if you’re on S1 E1, just do it, jump on the train, it’s worth it) and get to work.

But first, I must say, this would be SO much more fun as a drinking game… but that’s not what we’re talking about here. But hey, if drinking is what you’re about tonight feel free to sip on your drink every time one of these things happen 😉

GOT WorkoutIt’ll depend on which season or episode, but I’m GUESSING you will have get in a good workout one way or another 🙂





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